Monday, July 27, 2009


I love to cook & bake! I wish that i had more time and i would cook every night!I have so many cookbooks in our house that i could never make every recipe IF i had the time to make a new one everyday!! thanks to my fabulous husband i have stepped out of my food box and will try all sorts of things.
When we first got married i made a total of 4 things.. poppy seed chicken, enchilada chicken, chicken bundles, and taco casserole. Every time i suggested i "make dinner" kelly would ask if we could try something new.. so after about 2 months of newlywed bliss i indulged him, and have never gone back! We are talking everything from a from scratch tiramisu to risotto to steak and egg casserole.. I am up for it!
Well every Monday night we have girls night and we all take turns making dinner. This week I wanted to make lasagna.. well when i got home from my walmart trip friday night.. kelly looked so sad when he asked the question, "when can i have homemade lasagna?" So I caved took another trip to the store the get the ingredients for crock pot chicken and sausage for the girls.
So saturday i made kelly the homemade lasagna.. to which he sweetly told me he is like Garfield and he loves lasagna. He said it looks better that the stouffers stuff, but the true test was if it tasted better.. Which he quickly agreed that it did. Now he could just be exaggerating, but i don't think so! this stuff is good!
With all this success i decided to keep on with my "homemade" weekend and made creme brulee french toast sunday morning for breakfast.. it is from one of those cute little cookbooks put together from all the older people in Bella Vista.. and it has never disappointed.. every recipe in there is AMAZING!

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