Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have always wanted to be
like martha stewart..
martha can do everything! So last weekend I decided that I would be marthaish.. and stain an old night stand that Kathryn ann gave me. WOW no one told me what a complete pain in the rear staining is…well let me just tell you, it is a huge pain! The best part of the entire story is that Kelly and I both thought that I would be done in 45min and could start on the next item that I wanted stained, laps, then a dresser, then some end tables…. Not so much…
The directions say apply a coat and wait for 30 min to let the stain do the work.-bull! I waited for like 40 and then I had to apply more.. and then started the dreaded cycle of cover, scrap, wipe, repeat, cover, scrap, wipe, & repeat! It was soo hot on Sunday to, when I went to take my gloves off they were wet, not moist-WET with sweat. So wet that my hands were pruned! This went on for a good 3 hours until thankfully it was time for church.
I am proud to say though that even after alllllll of that hard work. I have successfully finished the top of the night stand.. that is it.. that is all I got done. This may be an entire summer project.

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