Monday, November 15, 2010

Merry Christmas Cindy Loo hoo!

This weekend Ali threw Jason a surprise party for his 30th birthday. It was Caddy Shack style and a lot of fun. Allison, Amy, Kristi & I met to discuss details a couple of times and Allison went above and beyond for a birthday party.

Here are some of the pictures..

Kristi, Ali, Me & Amy

Kelly trying to get the dance party started...

After the party we stopped by HCS & Alexis' house to check on Alexis. Good news, the prayers are working on her mom please keep them up. Anyway while we were there we were talking about the crazies and the end of our streets who have not only have lights up but the whole penguin snow village up and inflated. HSC is the grinch and Alexis is the complete opposite serving as Cindy Loo Hoo. She and Kelly have a common thread with their love for the holiday season.

Saturday we were supposed to run, but it was cold and kelly was bound and determined that we were going to get Christmas lights. So we headed to Lowe's and Home Depot and got close to 6 boxes of led lights. We originally were going to do the whole trade in you old lights at home depot, but Lowe's had a really good deal going on so it made more sense economically to get them from Lowe's and keep our old ones.

Next we had to head to cheap thrills since the sexy 70's outfit I got Kelly was a little to snug in the polyester pants, plus they were to short. So we headed to fville.

We did find him an even better outfit, but of course when we got there Kelly decided he needed a matching jacket and maybe some platform shoes.. I finally had to drag him out.

After that it was around 3 and we were both getting hungry since we had missed lunch so we took Kelly to Grub's to have his first Grubs burger. He was very impressed. We decided we should just split something since it was 3:30 by the time we sat down to eat, so we had the Banana Fire burger and it didn't disappoint.

We stopped by Sam's and walmart and on our way home from those Kelly mentioned we still had a ton of lights left.

K- "Wouldn't it be funny if we put them on Marcus' house."

Me- thinking through the logistics of how in the world we would be able to do that? they would hear it wouldn't they? "Yes that would be hilarous.. but how could we do it?"

K- "They went to the game didn't they?"

Me- "PERFECT!!!"

Me- "You know he is going to be soooo annoyed."

K-"Alexis we like it though right.. I mean she loves Christmas right?"

Me- "oh yeah I think she will think it is funny.. HCS will be super annoyed though."

K-"oh, ok good."

So we drive one street over to casa de carlson, grab the ladder and we were ready. 35 minutes later and we had a Christmas Masterpiece!

Since it was only 6:30 we decided to leave them unplugged until at least 1/2 time so we didn't waste their electricity.

I even text Alexis to see if they were still at the game. Around 9ish Kelly went to turn the lights on.

So then.. we wait.

By like 10 Kelly was antsy and wanting to know why we hadn't had a call yet. So he does a drive by. He barrels in to the house.. "THEY AREN"T HOME YET!!!


I start laughing and remind him that Alexis is not your average pregnant girl and doesn't use the pregnancy as an excuse.

So we wait.. for almost another hour.. until I get a text from Alexis..

"Sooo our house has Christmas lights on it"...

I then send her this picture of our hard work!

Needless to say HSC was not the biggest fan of our little joke. I wanted to remind him it could be much worse we could have done tacky lights that didn't match!

Yesterday we ran 8. Kelly hasn't been running as much since school is taking up a very large part of his time. I have been almost closet training. Not that it was a secret, just more of the fact that I could see him just springing it on me that he wanted to do a race and me not being ready. Also I just didn't make it completely public how much I was running. When I left one of mine runs are the garmin and he saw the pace he decided that he was no longer letting me run alone. So yesterday we laced up the shoes and headed to the Bentonville trail. There is 2 pretty big hills along the trail and for the mile leading up to the hill I could just feel the weight pressing on me I once read that running is 20% physical and 80% mental.. Let me tell you I agree. Because just thinking about running up that hill made me want to quit. I finished though and the time wasn't the worst. It was right at a 9 minute pace. No, not my best, but it will do. It did help me to realize that i need to do more hill training on my runs!

*did you know that less than 1/2 percent of the US population has ran a marathon as of 2009.*

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