Friday, November 12, 2010

so the conversation went a lil something like this..

I have been searching for a costume for Voyage (which is the 20th if you want tickets!) I couldn't decide which era I wanted to do, but I figured I would have to come up with a costume that would appease the hubs. So I went with the easiest. Dazed and Confused.. Mathew McConaughy style. I got him some fabulous brown polyester pants and a great pearl snap shirt. I picked 2 dresses out for me..

I wanted to wear some sassy white go-go boots, but apparently they don't make a mass quantity of them, and the ones that I found locally you can't have any bit of a calf or they wont fit! So I come in to work on Friday and randomly ask one of the girls at work..
Me-"Hey, D you got any roller skates?"
D- "yeah they are out in my trunk."
Me- "seriously.. not only was I not serious, but there is no way I would expect them to be in your car?"
D- "yeah I use skate all the time."
Me- "so these are like legit skates, not ones form when you were like 12, or the ones you strap to your shoes, or even the inline kind right?"
She goes out to the car.. and comes back in.. with these!

SHUT up!
I promptly put these on and acted like a Sonic car hop for all of 10 minutes.

Friday night we went over to our friends Patric and Megans house. We played poker. It has been a while since I played poker and it made me very thankful that my daddy taught me how to play a long long time ago! I beat Kelly on a couple of hands which is saying something.. one because I am not the best at lying. My neck turns a crazy bright color of crimson and I am unable to hide the expression.. two because like I said it has been a while since I played.

Saturday we ran errands and even went to the golf course for me to get some practice. I had my long run this weekend did it in about 8:30 which is good if I can continue to build on my mileage but still be able to keep that pace. If I was that would make my marathon time more impactful. If I was able to run the Marathon at a 9:30 pace.. I would finish the thing in just over 4 hours.

I have been busy at work.. we are putting on this event in December and I am in charge of making sure it goes off perfectly. So I am in extreme OCD mode is making sure everything goes perfect.

Kelly put him on the train so I could get some pictures.. He was sooooo scared this was my first shot

Stupid new blogger wont let me rotate the pictures!!!

As you can see by the ears.. he wasn't happy

those are kellys legs... and yes he is crazy!


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