Monday, November 22, 2010

Silhouette Machine Giveaway with a wknd wrap up!

I am not going to lie I am glad last week is over. It was a very long and exhausting week & weekend! Tuesday I got tickets to a charity event in Fayetteville so me and megs spent the evening at the Celebrity Chefs auction. It was fun. I always have fun with megs.. she is my spontaneous friend. But I didn't get home until late and bed even later.. so starts the vicious cycle of my week! Then Wednesday I got a text from Tammy stating that my auction items were in a state of confusion and I needed to come quick.. Not as life threatening as I make it sound, but this was a pretty big deal to me.

I should explain that Tammy,Terri (the other girl that helped me with the auction) and I spent a good 3 hours pairing items together and getting baskets set up on paper so the night we got all the stuff we would be quick and efficient. Disclaimer...I love volunteers and I know that they are giving of their time and have great intentions and with out them things wouldn't get done. Having said that I will say it was very overwhelming to walk in to the building on Wednesday and to see the chaos. Terri spent Tues. working with everyone getting the baskets in order. Telling everyone please group the items according to the lists that we had printed out & if any basket is done to please leave it alone. Well when I came in Wednesday I was told, "The list is gone.. and we aren't using it." Now if I hadn't spent 3 hours the week before organizing everything and giving it a home then I may not have been as upset as I was. So we ended up doing triple work.. Terri making things on Tuesday night, Volunteers changing everything on Wednesday, and then me changing everything back on Wednesday night.
Friday I left work & went straight to the Embassy to work on decor for the auction room.
Here are some pictures of the room.

It was a long night. we had over 180 auction items that had to be set up. Including a crib that had to be put together. Around 9 the staff from the Embassy came in to hang our records from the ceiling. Well by 10 they had to leave and the records weren't done, but they assured us they would get to them Saturday. You know that wasn't good enough for us. So after the staff left I hear this.. BEEP..BEEP..BEEP and I look out in to the hall to see 2 of the volunteers driving the scissor lift down the hallway in to our ambassador room. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. So for the next 30 minutes they finished hanging the records. While we took stock of the seating arrangements.

The razorback lounge was in the auction room, problem was there was only 1 couch and a 32" tv. HUMMM.. this could be a problem. So after talking it through we all kind of decided people were going to be pretty frustrated with the lack of seats & crowding around the 1 tv. So we decided we for sure needed more chairs. Where could we get them? Steal Borrow them from the Embassy of course! So at about 11pm we were going up and down the hall swopping the orange chairs that were used throughout the facility. PS. They are not the lightest thing incase you want to try to steal them. We then figured we should have coffee table for people to set their drinks on or prop their feet up on. Where could we get those?? Borrow them from the Embassy of course. So me thinking I am big stuff I run out to the hall way very eager to make my point with visuals, I try to lift the table. HOLY COW. Yeah.. they are granite. PS. Granite is even heavier than the orange chairs. So we scoured the place and found the bell carts and helped ourselves to them to get the job done. I think you can see them in one of the pictures above

Kelly & I were 60/70's, The necessary's were 50's and the Wilson's went 80's. We could not have picked a better group for the event! Alexia came over and helped me out with my hair and I swear between my Bouffant hair and Christy's Cindy Lauper hair there is a hole in the ozone above 1800 SW sequoia. I used some hot rollers and some Aquanet, but it still didn't make it through the night!

I won a contest at COL & got a fancy limo to pick us up and take us home for the night. Jason our driver was there at 6pm. Kelly & Alexis love Christmas so we asked Jason to stop by the Square where they were doing the lighting on the square. Unfortunately the weren't lit yet, but we tried.

Aaron & Christy

Alexis& HSC


no words.. but oh how I love you!

Malt shop?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

It really was so much fun and I am so glad that our friends were there! They made the night for sure! So on our way home we asked Jason to drive by the square again. The lights were on so he graciously stopped for us to get a picture!

yeah to jason!

We decided Alexia was missing all the fun.. so the boys went and woke her up.
Aaron & Callaway love to dance to NKOTB.

I got an email from aunt Jamima and she told me about this FABULOUS give away!! It is for the Silhouette. that I would probably give my pinkie toe for-cause lets be honest here people do you really need your pinkie toe? I mean what is it good for? Not to say that this is a small sacrifice on my part! I will look quite funny in my sandals in the summer, but you have to do what you have to do in order to get a Silhouette! Or you could just take the time to enter this give-a-way. I will be honest though I had a moral debate on if I should share this or not. Since Santa Claus is watching me though I figure I will tell you all about it!! JWOW has one of these and it is kind of fabulous and every time I look at stuff now I think about how easy it would be to make if I had one! SO go enter. If you win.. share!

PS. My AARP bound hottie is turning 29 on Wednesday. 29!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean wow! I am considering trading him in for a newer model!


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