Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Christmas is getting so close! 38 days away! Which means I need to get to sewing, AND Decorating. I was blog stalking the other day and I came across a girl that was promoting shutterfly & there Christmas cards. Have yall ever used Shutterfly? I use them all the time to upload my digital pictures and then to have them mailed to me is super cheap and so easy! Well this year I saw some of the FABULOUS designs. One of the reasons I like them so much is because they let you have a good 4 images on your card. For me this is a huge plus since I can never pick one picture and when Kelly & I got our pictures taken this year we didn't have the dog & yall know how I am about the dog! Last year was so hard I had two different designs. I needed more that the quantity would allow me so I figure I will just do 2 different orders with 2 different pictures. Well this proved to cause me some heartache since I was then faced with the dilemma of which card I send!! So quite a few people ended up with 2 cards. This year my plan is to use Shutterfly and get a collage of shots and go with ONE card. Here are the ones I am loving right now!

Christmas cards they look like this..

So then I found these and fell in love with them it would be so easy to just put all of our stuff in a photobook. I use to scrapbook. USE TO being the operative word here. I don't have time. None! I am just now to when we got Callaway... 3 years ago!!! We have done a bunch since then! So I look at these books and think of it as a total problem solver! It would be great gifts for people with kids.. I some how don't think that my in-laws would want a book of the "gran-dog"

What do yall normally do for Christmas cards?

Also, decorating... How do we feel about putting the tree up before Thanksgiving?

Kelly wanted to put both of them up last week and I was able to deter him for a little bit longer, and please don't get me wrong. I love Christmas, But I love my fall decor. So I want it to be up and prominent for as long as possible! I did see this older lady at Hobby Lobby the other day and she had a picture from Pottery Barns catalog and was imitating the whole table set up from Hobby Lobby. The total cost at Hob Lob $65 bucks. The total cost at PB $185. GEEZ!

So moral of the story. Try to re-create whenever possible.


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