Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday funday

I woke up at 430 this am to go to a "prayerathon" if you will. Our young pro's class at church organized it and they needed people to come in and do about 15 min time slots from 7am until 7pm.. kelly and i had a 13.1 mile run on sunday so we decided to do the 5am slot and then go run afterwards. But, some of the elders at our church made breakfast for us-bacon, eggs, biscuits, and gravy.. yumm so as kelly and i are leaving church he looks at me and is like not so much, maybe we could do 9.. and i said NOT SO MUCH.. so we ran our long run around bentonville and got home with about an hour to spare before Kelsey's shower.
Kate one of the girls from church called me about 2 weeks ago and said, he we should throw her a shower..and since kelsey just married my sweet friend from college, jimmy i would LOVE to help! since, i have not had people over since we moved in really i offered up our house! Kelly wasn't super excited, but i was cause it sure did light a fire under him to finish some honey do's!! And we i suggested that he and kurt take the dogs to the park he was more than willing to get out of the house!
So the pictures from above are from today! They flower arrangement... I made, sort of. they were at kathryn ann's and they were just going to throw them away so I took it, took all the flowers out and re did it for kelsey's colors. The cake came from Sam's I added the daisy. I didn't like any of the cheesey decorated ones they did so i had them go plain, and man sam's makes a pretty good cake!
Then at about 4 once the shower ended and i cleaned up.. i had to pack for st louis. i leave tomorrow for work.. i don't think i have ever been there unless i was like 5 and don't remember it! We get to got to a Cardinal's game and i am very excited!

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