Thursday, August 27, 2009

good odds

So today.. I get to talking to Stephen… the guy that I have know as long as I have known kathyrn ann…well he is a betting man, and he bet me that he could beat me in a 1 mile race. So as luck would have it, my boss walked up about the time that we started the discussion…So to make a long story short (or the readers digest version as kelly tells me) my boss is a betting man too...well maybe not betting man, but a total instigator! So he throws out that if we race, he will give the winner the rest of the day off...
Tomorrow at 9am.. I have a race. A race not only to get half a day off, but a race to prove that i am runner. I almost don't want to even write this, because to most people this sounds silly and insignificant. But it really is important to me. I like running, don't get me wrong, you have to like running if you plan on doing it for 13.1 miles or further, but i don't keep doing it for the "fun" of it all the time. It is about accomplishing something, something that a majority of the world hasn't done, nor will they ever do it.
it also has to do with the competition. I always thought i lacked to competitive gene, being an only child i mean really who do you compete with? then i went to college, and played some club sports and thought, "humm, maybe i am competitive." But, man once i became a carlson, competition took on a whole new meaning. I never knew something as minute as a stop watch could have such an effect on me..
So until now i have settled not being the slowest, but that competitive streak has kicked in and all i can think about is how badly i want to win!
So even though, most people think it is some insignificant race that is a free day off. i think of it as MUCH much more! It is about winning, it is about proving to all the runners i work with that i am not slow, and maybe a little about the free day off!
So everyone say prayers and cross your fingers that i kick his butt tomorrow!

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