Sunday, August 2, 2009

dog paddle & other events

So Saturday is kelly and i's long run day.. well we went to bed early on friday night to make sure and be rested.. not saying that it was like a race day or something.. but i wanted to make sure and have a good run.
So the alarm goes off at 630 saturday am and surprisingly the oger (not like a good shrek oger... a BAD OGER) that my husband turns in to in the morning is gone, and instead i have a normal person. So we get up and go outside... and it looks like the tornado from the wizard of oz or out of twister is about to hit our house! kelly just looks and me and says, "we run in the rain." so we begin only to make it 3 min in.. and we both look at each other and decide that we would both like to enjoy our run and run back to the house..
So Sunday we decide to try it again, but we have church and are a little under a time limit here not to mention a temperature that rises with each passing minute.. so i set the alarm for 600 to make sure. Well as it turns out kelly stayed up later than i and replacing my husband this morning was none other that a terrible angry oger!! after the 2nd or 3rd snooze and me being completely ready i decide to take EXTREME measures.. i tiptoe over to the alarm and move it to 715 instead of 615.. well he finally rolls over and asks what time it is.. and well since the clock said 715 he was making more of a movement in the right direction.. BUT i forgot the alarm on the phone!! BLAST! so i hear him scream from the bedroom, "YOU ARE A DIRTY ROTTEN LIAR!" soooo finally after the oger decided to go back to where he came from, my husband got up and we went for a run.. and 2 min faster than last week!

After church we decided to take Callaway to Tanyard Creek in bella vista. kelly was fishing and i was taking pictures and playing with the dog.. so i give him a stick to fetch, (ps. he hates the water... no clue why we try to get him to play in it and he is not having it) well i throw it in to the creek figuring that he wouldn't go after it since it was in the deep part of the water and he usually wont get even his paws wet. Well in he went, then the current got him and he was like a helpless uncoordinated child that had just been thrown in for the first time... I mean isn't it like a law of nature that dogs can DOG PADDLE?? well i guess my lil one got skipped when they were handing that talent out. So my sweet husband had to jump in and save our drowning child..

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