Sunday, August 23, 2009

bows, bridesmaids, and bouquets

Saturday was my friend Kathryn Ann's wedding shower.. kathryn ann is one of my oldest and closest friends.. we went to preschool together, our kindergarten rooms were right next to each other- she had mrs. dumbell i had mrs. sharp. I even take pride in the fact that i helped her to find the love of her litte 7 year old life when i hooked her and josh oneal up! So you get the idea of how long we have been friends.
But when i talk about "friends" I maybe should clarify. kathryn ann is not just a friend she is like my sister. No matter what she has been there. when i was in college and my mom got remarried and my dad's girlfriend and i didn't get along.. kathryn literally let me move in..when i say move in, the girl cleaned out her barbie playroom (long story) for me to have a closet! i mean i could have gone to either one of the respective homes, but kathryn ann's is like one of the best places in the world.. if something terrible was to happen, 10 nottingham circle is my favorite place and would be where i wanted to go to feel better.
There are several reasons for this:
It really does feel like a home, not just the people in the house.. which are by the way some of the best people i have ever met.. but it is the feeling you get, it may be the dogs or even the familiarity of the place, but it always makes me happy to think of it.
Memories.. i have so many memories! Of those 4-5 years that i would live with her-summers and holidays i really did feel like one big happy family, right down to the brother that was annoyed with everything i did or said..I mean they even got me a stocking for goodness sakes!
Family..yes i have one of my own, and i am very thankful for them, but i love the dynamic of the basore family.. so many nights i just wanted to hang out around the kitchen and talk about things with them, just being around them is fun and full filling.
Ok so the point of this blog really wasn't going to be to go on and on about my bff, but after sitting down to write about the shower.. that is what it turned in to!!
So i got all sentimental cause she is getting married. I am coming to the realization that we are not going to be able to have the Christmas eve slumber parties anymore (which by the way were some of the funnest nights ever) and that we are both going to be married!
The shower was beautiful and i had so much fun. I got to see andrea and leah and we are all planning a little surprise for the wedding and i CAN NOT WAIT!

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