Friday, August 28, 2009

27 about this 27yr old...

1. I love my birthday- I think there are several reasons for this, I am an only child and my birthday was always a big deal, also I had friends who loved their birthday as much as I did, so it was always a big deal when anyone us had a birthday. Also, we can do something the weekend before if it is on a week day, but as spoiled as it sounds I would like something on the day.. too!
2. I don’t like seafood. I will eat tuna fish, but anything else that lives in water.. not having it.
3. I have several best friends..i think a person can have several. Kelly is my best friend. I would like to say that he knows me better that anyone, but I think Kathryn ann would give him a run for his money. Other best include in no particular order:
Kathryn Ann- known her since preschool, and has been there for me through everything
Emily emmy Wade Wilson- met her in college in the bushes..and from that moment on we have just clicked.. we just mesh very well together, and despite emmy’s need for exaggeration she is one of the most honest people with me.
Sara PP Ruby Ruth Garner- met sara in the dorm, and she may have the best hear of anyone I have ever met. Now don’t get me wrong.. you can’t cross the girl cause she is something fierce, but she is a wonderful person and the best listener.
Carrie Evers Johnson- met her at work and love her.. she was only of the only people nice to me when I started and I am very thankful for her..she helps me to calm down when I’m flipping out and is on my side for pretty much everything and it is great to have a cheerleader.
Patrice Smith- this one was a slow process, but Patrice is amazing, I don’t think I have met a stronger person. Not like she had to go through some big hardship, she is just strong, doesn’t give in to peer pressure and she stands up for what she believes in. Also, she is one heck of a motivator.. she is part of my cheer squad too!
4. I was a cheerleader, and won most spirited on several occasions. I even wanted to be one in college; thank goodness God had a different plan.
5. I love football. I use to hate sports. Even when I was a cheerleader I never paid attention to the games, didn’t care. Then I got married and now I love it.. and upon on impending season I have take to listening to mike and mike in the morning so I know exactly what is going on. I am a Penn state ( main reason I watched the white out game against GA last year and I loved it, plus joe Pa is precious) also a fan of the razorbacks of course.
6. Top places to visit: Italy hands down number 1, #2 New York City, #3 Atlantis, #4 France, & #5 would be Napa valley
7. I have 4 baby teeth that do not have permanent teeth underneath them. So I can’t loose them or I would have four big ole holes in my mouth! One has a silver cap on it from when I was younger, one has a porcelain, and the other two are hanging strong..
8. Before my papa passed away he was my most favorite person in the world. Now I still have moments where I tear up at the thought of not seeing him.
9. I look like my mom, I act like my dad
10. I am an extreme worrier.. I start worrying about things that won’t happen for weeks, but I worry and I even get this nervous feeling in my stomach for weeks prior..
11. Red is my favorite color.
12. I have asthma & I am allergic to cats, sulfa and penicillin
13. I can’t swim very well… like at all. I went for lessons when I was little and the coach was like maybe she is not ready.. so I kind of sort of taught myself, but not really..
14. I don’t like going to the movies.. I just hate sitting in that theatre.. I would much rather be on my own couch that sitting next to the guy that smacks his popcorn or talks to the characters on the screen.
15. my favorite movie when I was little was The Labrynith, during college it was Girls just want to have fun, and now…gosh that one is tough.. may still be girls just want to have fun.. or drop dead fred..
16. my family never took family vacations, my parents got divorced when I was 6 so I never really got to experience them until I met Kelly.
17. I dated Kelly in high school.. thinking it would be a summer fling, May 21st 1999 he asked me out before a graduation party. So this May it was 10 years together, married for 3.
18. I like books on tape..what? Don’t judge, I hate driving and they help the time pass.
19. My mom and I got glamour shots when I was in jr high…AHAHAH!!!
20. Sometimes when I am really frustrated or MAD, I will scream at the top of my lungs and I helps me feel better.
21. Celebrity crush would be Ryan Reynolds. Celebrity girl would be Kate Beckensale.
22. Not once but twice I had my tongue pierced. Once in high school with my friend andrea, then I took it out for my grandparents, then my sophomore year in college I did it again! Wow! Don’t worry they trashtacular thing is gone now! Don’t worry though no tattoo’s, although I have been in the chair at least 3 times and all 3 times it was with Kathryn ann and somehow I walked out with out the ink and somehow it ended up on her!
23. I love pickle juice. When we buy pickles and Kelly eats the last one he will save me the can of juice.
24. In high school we had a cheer tournament to qualify for state.. I was at the front of the pyramid and had to do 6..yes 6 toe touches in a row.. well I rolled my ankle on the first one, went ahead a fully broke it on the second one and kept right on going.. I kind of felt like a bad a on that one..
25. I have a birth mark on the side of my head and blonde hair grows out of it.. nancy (my hairdresser) says it will be the first thing to go grey.
26. I would rather be cold than hot any day.
27. If I could be any super hero I would be the Phoenix (jean grey) I love Xmen! Love it!
So there you go 27 facts about this 27 year old.

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Carrie said...

WOW! Loved this blog, and here are the things I learned about ya:
1) I didn't know about the four baby teeth...that's too funny! You'll have to show them to me.
2) I had no clue red was your favorite color. (p.s., if you ever need to know my what my fave color, cake, or food is, DON'T call my Mom!!)
3) I didn't know you had asthma. If you ever have an asthma attack at work, Patrice and I know who we can steal an asthma "squirtter" thingy from!!!
4) I didn't know you couldn't swim well. So..1) I know to NEVER to go a water park w/ you and Patrice!, and 2) I'm glad I didn't tell you to dive to the bottom of the Buffalo to rescue Kelly's fishing pole. (BTW - I still have to buy him one, and I just remembered that! Sorry Kelly!)
5) Tounge pierced?!?! WOW...that really surprises me. I'm surprised you didn't get kicked out of Harding for that one! I would say something else, but it'll have to wait for Girl's Night!! (don't let me forget...wait, i mean, please help me remember!)
6) When did pickles start coming in cans? I know you're the BUDGET QUEEN, but I've never bought pickles in a can...guess those are the really cheap pickles! lol!
7) 6 toe touches, after a sprain, and then a're tougher than i ever knew!
8) I've NEVER seen the blonde birth mark, so you need to show me. That explains a lot about you!! I knew you were a blonde!

This was a good blog!