Sunday, August 9, 2009


I have caught the bug.. kelly and i watched this documentary saturday and it was contagious... i caught my running bug.
This movie was crazy! it followed all these people that were training for the chicago marathon, one was deena kaston, there was one on a girl doing her first full, a single mom doing her first full, and a cute married couple that wanted to qualify for the boston... so anyway these people had amazing stories!! It caused me to want to go out and run! At one point during the run my entire body had chills, and i almost cried twice!
So, sunday morning we got up and ran eight.. and are still on our training plan for the KC 1/2 in october...then in november kelly wants to do this urban adventure race which i am TOTALLY excited for.. except i have to trail run... and the last if you dont remember I ate dirt. Which all of this sounds good and like we have a plan, but lets all say a prayer for a few things... Mild temps for the rest of the summer, motivation, and that we can stay injury free!! Yesterday when i was running up a HUGE hill i just kept repeating, I can do all things through Christ.. and work at it like you are working for the Lord.. and thankfully i got to the top of this hill without vomiting!!
I have gone so far to reading the back of the ads in the runners world magazine. (which Bobby and Julie got for Kelly and i, and may be the highlight of my month when i get the newest issue) Well a couple got my attention and one i may have to purchase something from.. they have some of the cutest jewelry!! You can even get charms with 13.1 on them and they will do more than just that.. you can even get the name of the race, city, ect...
I think i may need one for my charm bracelet!
I put the link in there just in case anyone wants to get me an early Christmas present.. or needs one for themselves.. I may have to become a follower too!

So for more inspiration i have the logo's that i will add just so i can see them and keep motivated!

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Carrie said...

OH...I LOVED that documentary. After Phil and I watched it, we ran a full w/o any goo (that's how motivated we were). I watch this every morning at 3:45a, before my 5 mile run. I should've told you about it a long time ago, so you and Kelly could be motivated like Phil and me.