Saturday, August 15, 2009

busy week

This week was a super busy week for me...
Monday night is normally girls night at patrice's but sadly the bachlorette is now over and she has class, so it has been rescheduled for thursday night.
So Monday night kelly and I watched a little preseason football, ate meatloaf leftovers and read.
Tuesday night i had two meetings at the same time..grr. how likely is it that two groups think, "ok the second tuesday of every month we will meet at 6pm??"
Well i had to decide, make a wish or young wives? I went with young wives.
So I invited some friends along and we went to one of our church elders house and listened to them talk about roles in your marriage. Now i invited friends for two reasons. 1) I like people and like to be around lots of people. 2) and probably the main reason is because the 3 friends that I invited are NOT pregnant!!! Now don't get me wrong not everyone is prego at our church, nor do ithink there is something wrong with prego people or babies for that matter.... BUT it kind of sucks when you are like the only person that isn't knocked up or has been knocked up. So this time i went with reinforcements! So tuesday night was a lot of fun and it was very informative.. only wish is that evers was there with me cause it is the stuff that the two of us talk about all the time.. which reminds me i have yet to enlighten her on the lesson!
Wednesday i was supposed to get he oger up to run.. guess who was an angry bear and refused...
wednesday night though i went to RPM..otherwise known as SPINCLASS! hannah's husband was out of town so we got her all to ourselves and Hannah, sarah and i ventured on in the the fuel gym. now to be fair to hannah, she warned us that this class was going to kick our butts and to give her credit it did! I mean the class is 45 min long and i kid you not i was sitting there thinking, "this isn't that bad" then i look at my watch and realize it has only been 5 minutes!!!!!!!! 5 min in to a 45 min long class.
Oh GEEZ! my favorite part, well besides the END, was that when there was a lull in the music you could hear the entire class panting like dogs!!
Also on wednesdday night, my friend melissa had her twins.. and i volunteered to coordinate the meals.. so me being the nerdy organized planner that i am already had the email in draft status complete with an excel spreadsheet with dates ready to be managed!!So pretty much from now until the end of sept. they will have a meal every other day.
Friday morning at 445am, kelly and i went for a speed run, and let me just tell you i had some speed. About 1 mile in i see a opossum. are you kidding me? Then for the next 1/2 mile all i can do is picture it hissing at me and giving me some sort of nasto disease!! then just when i think i have gotten over the creature a SKUNK starts following us! HOLY Cow! Thankfully that was my fastest mile and i made it home with out rabies o smelling like trash!
So yesterday my friend kathryn ann calls and is like oh by the way i am going to get a puppy tomorrow.. wanna come?
At first I was like NOPE, I have 10 miles to run a house to clean, and the sight of puppies may cause me to come home with one! Then after thinking a little bit I decide there is NO way she will even be up before we get done running, so why not go.
So we set off for the pup..I practiced lots of self control and came home empty handed. Kathryn ann however has a cute baby cocker spaniel!

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Mom said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE spinning! Bobby & I go 2-3 times a week. Major calorie burn...our classes go for 60 minutes! The Sat. morning class goes for 75 minutes...I have only been to that class once! Crazy :o)