Wednesday, September 23, 2009

b aggressive..b b aggressive...

"The only failure which lacks dignity is the failure to try."
~ Malcolm F. MacNeil

Running. So I talked to Leonard and Shores about running this past wknd.. they both said they could do 10, but I had my doubts. Not about their running ability, but about staying up super late and eating wonderful food the night before. So I decided to go for my run on Friday morning prior to starting the festivities! So 10 miles and 1:36:50 later I was done and very thankful not to have that to worry about all weekend. That is pretty quick for me so I was happy! Anyway, at about 7 I get this sassy little text from my love: Little motivation for you girls…when you are deciding whether or not to run early tomorrow morning..i just knocked out 10 miles in 1:45:39. You girls better get to bed early…
Of COURSE… the caused me to stop what I was doing at that very minute and call my love up and ever so sweetly RUB IT IN HIS FACE that I beat him by almost 9 full minutes.. heck that is enough time for me to have ran a whole nother mile!! If you have not noticed by now, Kelly and I are a little competitive with each other! I love it though.. I love having someone to push me and motivate me when I am feeling less than stellar!
Then, just to top it off with a cherry. I got up Sunday and Leonard and I ran 3.1 miles of some HUGE HILLS!

Robert Carlson
bib number: 274
age: 27
gender: M
location: Bentonville, AR
overall place: 177 out of 261
division place: 39
gender place: 121
time: 2:18:06
pace: 10:33
Cortney Carlson
bib number: 273
age: 27
gender: F
location: Bentonville, AR
overall place: 161 out of 261
division place: 17
gender place: 49
time: 2:13:38
pace: 10:13

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Kelly said...

I just saw your comment!
I used to work for Bobby and I just adored him. He was THE nicest boss I ever had and I loved Julie too. Kelly was just a BOY then! I remember when ya'll started dating! ha!
Anyway - so good to hear from you! You married into the nicest family and I'm sure they are thrilled to have you!