Friday, September 11, 2009

I plan to much..

random, but on the way home from work today i decide to call and schedule callaway's boarding..oh FOR CHRISTMAS! But, the thing is this place is AMAZING!!! i Mean they have video monitoring, and he gets a report card!! Last time he went he got 5 out of 5 tail wags! I just didn't want them to fill up and him be stuck at some kennel that won't let tem out of their cage all day! WHICH, if anyone goes, thell them that i referred you and I can get a free night for callaway!! LOL so i had to call my friend sarah and tell her, because sarah is amazed by my planning and way of doing things.. when i ask her what she is doing this weekend on friday morning she laughs at me like i have asked her what her plans are for next year!
I get excited very easily.. and i love love love to have things to look forward to. Well This weekend We have to run 14 miles.. not really looking forward to that, but we do have tickets to the LPGA, and i am looking forward to that! But, next week is when it really gets exciting!

Tuesday I have Make-a-Wish council, we are doing the ColdStone Creamery thing again this year.. A child got to create their own flavor for the store and we are giving the samples away on Thurs the 24th. SO everyone come and try it & make a donation!

Wednesday I am delivering food for one of the girls at our church who just had twins..

THURSDAY is where I am very excited.. Race for the cure 2010 kick off meeting!! It is really like a sponsorship party for everyonn that wants to dontate $$ or time to the race. My friend Casey is going to that and she is on Pink Trash Bash with me (which is nov. 6th if you want tickets)... and afterwards we are getting together to work on PTB & what we are wearing to the crazy event!

FRIIIIDDDAAAAYY is kethryn ann's bachlorette party at Big Cedar Lodge. There are 6 of us going and it is a great group of 6 fun loving, sarcastic, & down right trouble making girls! So we will be there all weekend and I can not Wait for that! I just hope i can convince them all to let me have a little outlet mall shoppin time!

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aWare said...

I love that you take such a good care of your dogs! When we had a dog,I sent him to doggy daycare and Chad would get so annoyed! Also, I volunteer to take dogs for weekends since Harry LOVES them so much and we don't have one. If you need boarding, let mek now, of course it is free, as long as they don't bite Harry! It would be great entertainment for Harry when GK comes. We love dogs, just not the long responsiblity of them.
BTW I found you through Hannah, so glad you have a blog so I can stalk you! HA! I am a little disappointed you don't have the "trainwreck" linked to your blog. Hope all is well, I guess we will never see you since we are not in your Sunday morning class anymore!