Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still good people

I have a strong faith in God, which some may say leads me to have an naive world outlook. Some times I really like to believe that people are better than they are. But with the current state of the world, i will admit even i have a hard time believing people, in general are still good people and know the difference between right and wrong. This is why i love reading blogs so much! they are just so wholesome and happy!
Well this past week my faith in humanity has been strongly restored.
1. My brother in law recently had a birthday, he got some gift cards. Well somehow he lost them! i felt so bad for him. he realized it on tuesday afternoon and began frantically looking for them, with no success.
Well Wednesday my friend carrie and i went to lunch and i told her the story. she got all excited and was like.. we found them! someone at work had turned them into her! So yeah for honest people!
2.make a wish was Thurs night at cold stone...and there was the sweetest dad there with his two little boys. Each child had some of their own money and before they were allowed to get their ice cream their dad asked us to explain what make a wish was to them. We did and although i really don't think that they understood, i was so impressed with the way the dad handled the situation! It is kind of like at church, there was a couple at church that would pay their kids allowance, and the kids had to give 10 % of their allowance! i just think that stuff is neat!
3. my husband... don't get me wrong, he is great. He is also very strong willed, stubborn, and not super "sweet" which as much as i hate it sometimes, i value these characteristics in him. Well he has been sick..but we are supposed to be running 16 miles today. I was a little worried with the state of his health that he would say, "not so much" to running today. BUT HE DIDN'T.
We got up at 6am he just put on his camelbac and was ready to go. He said, "I know that i am going to not be able to run all 16 so i don't want to ruin your run, so i will ride my bike behind you. I don't want anything to happen to you while you are running alone." so my sweet husband followed behind me on a bike for almost 3 hours and i finished my run.. MAN AM I TIRED!

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Hannah said...

HOLY COW FRIEND! I have lots of comments for this blog! 1. I can't believe they found Kurt's gift cards! That is sooo exciting, and huge relief! 2. WAY TO GO CORTNEY! I can't believe you ran 16 all by yourself... you are waaaay awesome!!! Also, I'm VERY excited about seeing you tomorrow!!! LOVE!