Sunday, September 20, 2009

in the words of Kenny Chesney..We went out last NIGHT

We went out last night
like we knew we shouldn't do.
There were girls from Argentina and ArkansasMaine, Alabama and Panama
All mixed together and having a ball
Yeah, we went went out last night
One thing started leading to another
Out last night
Getting to know everybody and their mother
There were two karaoke girls drunk on a dare
Singing “I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher
Yeah, life was good everywhere
We went out last night...

Just a few pictures from kathryn ann's weekend...

I am not gonna lie... my abs have not been this sore in a long long time!
I knew that is was going to be a really good weekend when my friend stephen made me a 90's playlist..with songs like gettin jiggy with it.. and much much more!!
Then just 20 minutes in to the trip we saw the scariest looking methhead, dude was 100 lbs soaking wet, sporting some cutoff lee jeans and tennis shoes and thats about it. He was riding down a major high way on a bike.. weaving in and out of traffic with a look of complete and total content head up to the heavens.. I am not lying when the whole car (all 5 of us) just gasped at the sight.... then in unison we all said, "he has got to be on meth"
We got to big cedar by 6ish.. waited on shores, the last of our party to arrive.
Our girls weekend was comprised of:
kathryn ann-bff since preschool
stephanie rozell- maid of honor & kathryn's frined from college
leah hufford- hilarious.. just hilarious
andrea shores- i will refer to her as a GASTRONOMIST.. look it up
andrea leonard- a complete mess.. and one of my FAVORITE people!!
We went to dinner at the Buzzard Bar,listened to some live music, and headed back to our cabin at the early hour or 11 or so.. then me leonard, shores, and leah were up until about 2 laughing!!
Saturday we went to mazzio's.. so flippin good! Then a little outlet shopping, and finishing up our day with some steaks and razorback football!!
We did give Kathryn her gift and she loved it!!
We got togther with all of her friends and family and we put together a photo cooking album! Each person that submitted a recipe, submitted a photo! It turned out so good, now i just wish i had one for myself!
We got up sunday and it was so cool outside.. i decided to go for a run, leonard is training for her 1st half so she headed out with me, and let me tell you despite the HUGE hills.. we had fun.. leonard cussed me litterally the whole time cause i kept making us go up the BIG hills!

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