Thursday, September 24, 2009


I know that some people have horrible in-laws… Horrible… I hear the stories all the time.. 2 of my sweet friends (who will not be named –to protect their identity) have awful in-laws, well maybe not as a whole they at least have issues with the MIL..oh the dreaded MIL.. but the thing is.. God has blessed me sooo much with the best in-laws!! I know that it sounds like I am trying to suck up.. but I am not.. they really are great!
It could have something to do with the fact that I have known them for 10 years, but they really do treat me jusy like I am one of their own flesh and blood child!
Which leads me to, my MIL is visiting for the next couple of days and I am soo excited about it! We went to lunch today & talked about THANKSGIVING!!! I am hosting this year! I am very excited about it.! MIL is so sweet she even asked me all the details, like what time, what do I want to make, how I want to do everything! I just thought that was really sweet.. I mean she is the mom., so she could have came in and just done what she wanted to do, which would have been fine! She didn’t though she asked me what I wanted to do… which of course, I didn’t care I was just happy to be asked!!

There are some things I am wondering about…
China- I have wedding china- still in the box complete with the peanuts for the warehouse of dillards- but I want to use my china, well it is white and blue, BUT my dinning room and all the décor is red and orange fall type colors.. am I crazy for letting this bother me? I mean if I use my red cookware for things… it will look weird with the blue.. so then I wonder should I just go with white serving stuff to be safe?
Chairs- we only have 6 chairs at the table.. but 8 fabulous people eating dinner.. where could I find some fabulous chars for a fabulous price?

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