Monday, September 7, 2009

dog days of summer

So my long weekend was great! Friday Kelly and i went on a bike ride up to the bentonville square for "first friday's" it is this fun little thing they do in bentonville every first friday of the month and kelly and i always try to go when we are in town. So we rode our bikes up there walked around and were in bed by about 10 so we coudld get up and run on saturday. we were supposed to run 14 miles, but at 6am when the alarm went off and it was raining.. the oger was in bed instead of sweet kelly, so needless to say we stayed in bed! He did however make up for it by making a yummy egg breakfast for us. He then turns to me and says would you like to go to garage sales? This throws me way off balance because if there is anything that kelly hates more that "old stuff" it would be OTHER PEOPLES OLD STUFF! I am intrigued by this and ask why in the world does he want to go? Then he launched in to this Precious story of how he wanted to sell our big screen tv for me to have my china hutch (the readers digest on this is.. i have 10 place settings and they are all still in the silver dillards box-complete with the packing peanuts in a closet, so last wknd i saw one at a thrift type store that i loved and told kelly about it) so he went to look at it and is was such a good price he was going to just sell it and then surprise me with the hutch.. but sadley as kelly went to look at it he said it wasn't in very good shape. so no go on the hutch but an A+ for the effort.
After garge sales, kurt brought bella his rotweiller over for us to dog sit. so i took some pitures of the two of them playing together.. so cute.

As nice as it was to have a friend for callaway to play with he was SOO obsessed with what she was doing he didn't sleep at all on Saturday night. He just sat by the cage where bella was sleeping a kind of watched her..and whined. I wanted to punch my dog in teh FACE! This stuff doesn't affect kelly so i got up and slept on the couch and left him with the whining dog!
So sunday am we decided to try it again.. alarm off at 550 and we were out the door by 6. So we decieded the best way to complete the run would be to run about 7 miles out and then turn around and head back. So we had to finish! well we leave our house and run all the way to the bark park to get to 7 miles.. i had no clue how small bentonville was! well kelly was running ahead of me and i see this ghetto caddy pull up next to me on the road.. i mean spinners on the wheels, cd from the rear view and loud rap at 7 am...awesome i am sure so many more people think that you are cooler having heard Tupac at 7am.. anyway i was in my own little world thinking that what if thuggish roguish grabbed me and peaced out. Would kelly hear me? What could he do? Would I be like the tent girl? Right about the time that i am really freaking myself out i hear this load panting and as i turn to make sure i am not about to be abducted i see this man and a dog, and before i know it i scream so loud that i think i literally scared the pee out of this dog! The man kept apologizing and all i could do was laugh and apologize right back. I really do fee bad for this poor dog.. i mean here he is minding his own business just trying to get a sniff of everything and i go and deafen him! well the rest of the run was uneventful, except the end when kelly and I both got home and layed out on the kitchen floor for a good 30 min. we then realized we had to be at church in 20 min..
Then sunday afternoon we went over to dave and katrhyn's house and grilled out, watched football, and played with the pups! Jacques is flipping cute.. he tried to eat my face! him and callaway played together for a while until he passed out on the kitchen floor from exhaustion!

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Mom said...

Aww!! Our grandpups ~ Callaway & Bella ~ are just precious!!