Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TV dinner?

My husband has wanted a new TV. for a very long time. I have repeatedly said no, it is not in the budget. Well he found out that he can sell vacation back, so he used that to convince me that we needed to get a new TV with the $$. So being the GIANT sucker that I am.. I said ok! Well I gave him the ok to bid on it & to my surprise we won the auction! Now please, do not think we just go out and do this elaborate stuff on a regular basis.. we are on the Dave Ramsey budget and we can only buy things if we have the $. We don’t do credit, and the ONLY reason that Kelly convinced me to purchase this is because we had been saving to purchase a new TV, and this was a great deal.. I can not decide what I am more excited about TV or cable.. Well I guess they go hand in hand!
**Please excuse the tacky black cord running down the wall.. any suggestions on how to hide this thing?

Also, I am posting “kelly’s creation” that we now make on a regular basis! I hate to admit it, but when it comes to cooking off the cuff… Kelly is much much better. I can make any reciepe under the sun if I have a card and directions, but in general I have to have something to follow. Kelly, not so much! He is amazing when it comes to putting things together. He can just mix random stuff up, most of the time, and it will taste AMAZING.
Well this is one of those creations. You start by getting some EVOO and minced garlic. Heat pan on med-high and get the oil hot. Then add a lot of fresh spinach. How much? No clue! Just add and eyeball, the spinach will cook down a lot, so we add as we go. Then take one can of organic fire roasted tomatoes, with juice.

Then add black olives, green olives & capers-as many as you choose. The Carlson family loves loves loves olives so we use a lot. Cook for a few min, then add shredded chicken. We use to use can chicken, but like my friend Sara says, “crock pot chicken changed my life” we now use the crock pot chicken and add that. Then Kelly adds cottage cheese to his for extra running protein, but I know that is a little much for most people! Then we put it on top of brown rice. For this entry though, I used Quinoa. Quinoa is very similar to brown rice, but Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is like rice on steroids.. it has 9 amino acids, gluten free, it also has higher levels of calcium, iorn and zinc. Blah, blah I know, but I read about it in a running magazine and now we make it more than rice!

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Sara Garner said...

Yummy! That sounds fabulous. And I am so glad "crockpot chicken" got a shout out....it really does change lives!