Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Santa....

So you know the grinch right.. the detestable character from Dr. Seuss who hates Christmas? well take that person and take it to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. That is my husband and that is how much he loves Christmas. We have been know in the almost 4 years of our marriage to bust out the tree in october. One year I think that we actually had the tree up at the same time that we were carving pumpkins! He loves"the holiday season"
So I was doing some blog stalking and found another blog that i love,
Well she is doing the twelve weeks of Christmas, and being in true Carlson form.. I am totally playing.
SO first post of the 12 weeks is my Christmas list:
Dear Santa,
I have been an ok girl-i mean why lie? I haven't been the best and i know that you have some sort of "hook up" and can find out all the things that I have done wrong, so in all honesty i have been an ok girl.
With that being said, I do think that i deserve points for honesty!
My sweet husband and i bought a house this year and there are several things that I would like for the house. These are in NO particular order.. just as they come to me!
1. a new front door ours is white-boring (no offense to anyone that has a white door) and it does not have a peep hole. This bothers me! Last night someone came by at 8pm and it was dark and we couldn't see who it was!
2. Tall hurricane vases.. i want to put things in them like candles then pour in candy corn for halloween, and cranberries for Christmas...
3. Sconces for the wall we have a large picture and I want them to go on the side of the painting.
4. PAINT- i want to paint the bathroom and two bedrooms
5. A new northface jacket, mine has seen better days
6. winter shirts. I just don't have enough winter shirts that look cute at work. I look like a frumpy mom and i hate it.
7. SPORTS BRA- my poor chest has literally been scared by the current sports bra, I guess some people are more likely to chaff as well as running for 3 hours at a time may attribute to this!
8. Kitchen table- we have a space in the kitchen that needs a table, just a two or 4 seater, but a table none the less
9. Bar stools- we have a bar, no stools-although target has some pretty cute ones i may have to purchase. Question-could you just register at places for your Christmas gifts??? I mean I truly think this could catch on!!!
10. running clothes- i need a cold weather jacket, some tights, and a SPORTS BRA!
11. one of those things that go over the toilet...? you know for tp, girl stuff and anything else i need to store?
12. a truck for the bathroom, like one of those that is long and deep that we could hide dirty clothes in and it still be in plain sight and look like a piece of decor..
13. Speakers/surround sound for our tv.
14. Charm for my charm bracelet
15. a printer- we do not have one! :(
I know that that sounds like a CRAZY amount of stuff, but you also have to remember that we don't shop during the year (thank you dave ramsey) but that also mean that my Christmas list is larger than average!
It is beginning to look at lot like Christmas....


Red Writing said...

That's my kind of list! Funny--we just went to our first Financial Peace meeting on Sunday..I am looking forward to doing it..and the extra long Christmas list I will have next year???

Glad you are playing along!!

Hannah said...

i'm glad your blog is now fancy!

{ L } said...

I need barstools too...soon I hope!

I absolutely LOVE that your husbands loves Christmas! I am a big fan of the holiday and try to get my husband on're lucky!

I'm here with TWOC:

Jayne said...

I loved reading your list and the last line about Dave Ramsey made me smile! Good for you! Stay with the plan!
Christams Blessings to you and your hubby (who loves Christmas the way we do!)
Jayne at mysongwithin

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I love the idea of registering for Christmas gifts. Then we would know that someone got us something we wanted off our our list & then we wouldn't have to go out & buy it for ourself in case no one got it for us for Christmas. Cause we know, it won't be there after Christmas. Not that I do that each year. Makes perfect sense!

laterg8r said...

i wanna register for christmas too, but at scrapbook stores LOL :D