Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Potato Luncheon

I am sure that most of you already know that I like to volunteer for things. I have a serious condition of ADHD and like to do as many things as possible as to not feel mundane or bored. Well I told the sweet lady that I work with this in hopes that whenever things come up I will be top of the list. Well that just so happened yesterday. Komen has a pink ribbon luncheon every year and this year since I have actually been hands on with things I really wanted to go! So, when I got the email asking if I want the tickets I jumped at the opportunity. I had 4 tickets, well with such short notice it seemed that no one could go. So my “cubbymate” Jenni agreed to go, unexcitedly I might add! But none the less she appeased me and accompanied me to the lunch, and I am so glad she did.
The original speaker was out with shingles so, Jill Connor Brown of, “The Sweet Potato Queens” spoke. SPQShe was awesome! I really do not know the last time I laughed that hard.. oh wait, yes I do the bachlorette weekend…other that that, it has been a while!
I liked her so much I told Kelly that I wanted to buy the book, he of course told me to rent it from the library.. I of course told him that is not helping JCB to make $!! So please see the link to her website and check her out!
Speaking of reading James Patterson is coming to NWA this weekend, and if givin the option I would leave my pinky toe on the steps of the John Q Hammond Center just to be able to get in and listen to him talk. I know I know I could be like every normal person and purchase a ticket, but they are 50 FLIPPIN’ DOLLARS! That kids, is NOT in the budget! So I will be pressed up against the back door hoping to catch a glimpse of him.. I love love love his books!!
Tomorrow is also food day at my place of employment. I transferred division in February, prior to my transfer I worked in HR for a year, and in that year we had ONE food day! ONE! Now I am not the fat kid that loves the food day, but with our group in HR I knew where the food was coming from and most of the people in my group were pretty good friends so I ate with a comfortable feeling. Well in my new division we have food day ALL the time, and unfortunately I never know who makes what! Well this time I have studied the list and taken stock of what I will and will not be eating!! I am making Cake balls… I know, they sound very weird, but from what I have seen in the past few months they are, “all the rage” cake balls!
After reading/stalking some other blogs I found a recipe and will be making them for food day tomorrow. I have decided to go with a funfetti (my favorite) cake with a rainbow chip icing with the white almond bark.. If I am feeling better tonight I will take pictures and show you all how well they turned out..

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Jenni said...

What? You never volunteer for anything!?!??! And I really need to teach you how to put the html links in your posts.