Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Races & Places

Well we got back from our race on Sunday, just in time for life groups with our church.
First let me start with Friday, we got in to KC just in time to stop by the expo. Which for those of you who do not know the expo is the place where a bunch of businesses come and bring there running stuff to sell you while you are all excited and in the moment..
Well, it worked! Kelly threw his, “please babe can we buy this, it will be a great souvenir” on me and I caved like a house of cards. So we are now the owners of matching KC shirts!


After that we headed to Shores’ house to eat dinner, which I may add is some of the best pizza I have had in a VERY long time.. a place called Murry’s maybe? Then began our pre-race ritual, which if we were giving credit our I would say Kelly learned from Bobby & I comply too!

1. Pin the bib to the shirt

2. Attach the chip to the shoe

3. Lay out every stitch of clothes out that you plan on wearing the next morning

4. lay out-in order of the way it will be prepared-breakfast for the following morning

5. set alarm

6. lay down for bed

7. check alarm again, just to be sure

Like I said in previous blogs, we had to run 5 prior to the race, so the alarm went off at 4am and out the door we went. We ran our 5 & I swear to you the temperature was about 45-50 degrees. We finished up met up with Shores and went to pick up C.C. Andrea’s friend from college.

We got to the Crown Plaza center with plenty of time, thanks to my OCD friend, but by the time we got down to the starting line I SWEAR to you the temp had dropped to about 30-35 degrees. Then on top of that it was raining. So I grabbed the volunteers from the food tables and pleaded my case for garbage backs! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the 4 of us standing at the start line shivering covered in trash bags!!!

Kelly and I met up with the 2:20 pace group. We had decided that we weren’t going to try to set any PR’s with our time since we had to run 5 prior to the race. Kelly & I both did good and stayed with the pace group until mile 8 or so, then we both felt pretty good and picked up the pace. We crossed the finish line together on this one!

Cortney Carlson

bib number: 6681

age: 27

gender: F

location: Bentonville, AR

overall place: 2647 out of 4487

division place: 366 out of 664

gender place: 1290 out of 2715

time: 2:15:22

pace: 10:20

3.3m: 36:29

Robert Carlson

bib number: 6682

age: 27

gender: M

location: Bentonville, AR

overall place: 2644 out of 4487

division place: 272 out of 350

gender place: 1356 out of 1772

time: 2:15:21

pace: 10:20

3.3m: 36:27

So we finished the race and waited for Shores and C.C. Andrea crossed at 2:20ish & C.C. crossed at 2:45-2:50 ish.. which really isn’t bad considering prior to the race C.C. had only ran 9 miles on a long run, & the girls knee started hurting her at about mile 5 so she had some random stranger (CC said she looked very nice and approachable) go to the gas station and but her Advil!! She then proceeded to take all 4 that came in a package and continue on her way!! Tough girl she is!!!

 C.C., Andrea, me, & Kelly

After that we took a couple of pictures until my lips turned purple and Kelly began to worry. So we headed back for Shores’ apt… after a much needed nap we decided to go to dinner on the Plaza. Other than a Chief’s game Kelly had never been, but even then he never really saw Kansas City. He loved it! Shores’ had to work Saturday night bless her heart, so we ate Dinner at Houston’s without her, but it was SO good. I had pecan glazed chicken and he had the veggie plate and we split ½ & ½ , it was amazing!


So Sunday we made it back in time for Life Groups. We got our book for our study group and teacher Kelly gave us homework!! We had to take the quiz to see what Love Language we spoke.. There are 5:

*Words of Affirmation


*Acts of service

*Physical touch

*Quality Time

I took the quiz and I was “bi-lingual” so I have two main love languages.. which sounds a little high maintenance to me!! Sorry KELLY!!! The questions were a little tough though, cause it would ask you which you would rather have.. a night alone with your spouse or help cleaning the house.. which is not exactly fair, because I have nights alone a lot with my husband…and I love them, which lead me to pick the help cleaning house one.. Because I don’t get that one as much!! 

I am excited to see what Kelly is, which is why I am not posting what I was! I am afraid he may read this and it could skew his answers!! Stay tuned though and I will post on Nov. 2nd what we both are!

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