Monday, October 5, 2009

First fridays, fall, and friends

So on Friday kelly and I did our rituatl, friday night is digorno pizza night. We started this about 2 months ago. At first we went to sam's (WE LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam's) and we would buy the 3 pack of cheese pizza and would put veggies on it. Then we switched to supreme this month. Anyway, we cook pizza every Friday night and that diminishes some serious tension for us in not having to plan dinner after a long week. Well the first friday of every month we go to first friday in Bentonville around the square. This month was Oktoberfest. They had rootbeer and brats and this guy from animal planet that was talking about training your dog. OF course we took Callaway and he strutted around the square like it was his backyard.
The reason for my long story we saw some LARPING!!! i was soooo sad that i forgot my carmera, but this is somewhat of a rendition of what was taking place. For those of you that do not know what LARPING it is live action role play. We first learned about it in the movie role models...fabulous!

So Saturday we got up and ran 16 miles. Kelly and I knew that KC was going to be hilly so we deicide to run in Fayetteville. Well we got up and headed out around 6, and Oh GEEZ was it cold. I think it took until mile 4 or 5 to get to a normal body temperature again!! We finished up and were pretty sleepy, but we had way to much to do. Saturday night we went over to carrie and phillip's house. They made steaks and the BEST cheesecake we have ever had!! I will be making it very soon..with a little twist! I will post! (which reminds me.. i totally forgot to take a pictre of the cake balls, but they were very good and a big hit

Sunday we had life groups and watched the poor cowboys lose yet again..Kelly was not a happy kid. Life groups were good we have decided to study the five love languages. I am very excited about this I think it will be good to learn from. I have found out several things that kelly and I are different in the way that we like to show love and like to be loved, so i will keep you posted on the lesson's.

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Hannah said...

holy crap.... LARPING?!?!?! That makes my soul happy.

Also, 16 f-ing miles in Fayetteville? I'm thuper imprethed.