Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Learning to become a wife…

Yesterday I had to run at lunch because I had to go to young wives that night.
Well it was cold and rainy and I did not want to go.. but I was forced to by my own competitive spirit. I was so concerned that I would not run & Kelly would and I would be behind in my miles.. So I ran, I ran quickly too just to get it over with. I ran at work around the JBH track which has two hills and I had to run those 3 times! So I finished my 3 in 26:30 and that is pretty fast for me. ( Needless to say since Kelly knew what I ran in he HAS TO beat my time so he ran it in off! I knew I should have deleted my time!!)

Well Young Wives started at 6:30 and it was a PJ party! What is young wives you may ask? Well our church has a group of married women varying from 50-20 years of marital experience and they shower us with wisdom and knowledge of what they have learned over the years. It is wonderful! I love going, not only for the education that it brings to my marriage, but there is always really good food, and you get to really talk to other women about my age and get to know them better.

The PJ party was a huge success they did a great job blankets, pillows, hot chocolate, & best of all… We had breakfast for dinner! That is one of my favorite things to do is have breakfast for dinner. Waffles, breakfast casserole, and fruit…I ate way too much!

QUIT TIME- The lesson was good though we talked about quiet times- if we do them ourselves, if we do one with our husbands, if we do one with our children? THANKFULLY, I didn’t have to listen during the children part. But, they did bring up a really good point that I would have never thought about when it comes to having children. Kelly and I spend so much time together and we are able to give each other so much attention that when we do have kids it will be difficult for him to transition. I say him because usually when people have kids the mom becomes so focused on the child that they husband often falls to the background. I am very thankful to have this in my mind. Not that we are having kids right now, but I think that if I can remember that it will make the transition a better one.

BED TIME- Also, a topic that came up was bedtime. They mentioned something that made me think was how good it was for couples to go to bed at the same time. Shutting off the TV closing the door and just be together. Some of the ladies read a little bit before they go to bed, but either way having that alone time free of distractions is good to have. It makes me want to tell Kelly the only night it is not ok for mutual bedtime is Sunday and Monday.. I mean after all I am not a slave driver!!!

HABITS- This was one that we did last YW, but it was so good it still helps me. They talked about how each person brings in habits to the marriage, most of the time from their parents whether they be good or bad. It is then our job to communicate with each other about the things that bother us and what is the best compromise to fix them.. Here is mine..One of the ladies was talking about how annoyed she would get when her husband wouldn’t turn his shirts the right way. She hated having to turn them right side out to fold the. She was talking about how they would bicker about it… I had to pipe in on that one. I told her what I do, wash em’ however he took them off, then fold them however they come out of the dryer. That is how this girl does it. I figure if Kelly doesn’t care enough to take it off the right way, he won’t care enough the way they are folded. :) But it was also good to realize that he has emotional habits picked up as well. Which I wouldn’t have thought about that otherwise.

I thought I would share with ya’ll about what I learned yesterday!

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