Thursday, October 8, 2009

its a jeep thing, you wouldn't understand

High school cars, you are never super careful with them, most of the time because you had this wild elaborate vision of somthing out of sweet 16 on MTV.. You have a huge party with lots of friends and a cake as tall as you are. Then as the party is winding down and you have just finished dancing to a romantic song with the love of your life. You go outside at sitting in the parking lot is.. a 1998 honda accord..(hey it is a dream and this was me dreaming big)
But sadly I got the go go gadget mobile, (very very long story) otherwise know as a 4 door 1990 saturn. This lasted me all of a year due to the fact that it already had close to 150,000 miles on it.
When I graduated I bought my mom's Ford Probe for the grand sum of $5,000. I drove this for most of my college life, until i wrecked it the summer before my jr year. I then purchased the malibu... and paid it off 2 years later-thank you JESUS & Dave Ramsey. But now that it has hit the 120,000 mile mark and we are getting to the child bearing years.. the FABULOUS Carlson Family (bobby and julie) offered us the option to purchase their cars.. a jeep grand cherokee, and an acura. SO HECK YES we took it!! We have been waiting for it for a while now and they picked it up YESTERDAY. I am so excited to have this i can not explain it enough!! I even went to the extreme to save it to the background of my computer!
Please se the picture below and share in my excitment!

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