Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a rockstar wedding

Wedding weekend!

Kathryn Ann got married this weekend, so it was a very busy weekend!

So busy in fact that I totally forgot to post for last weeks red writing contest.. DANG IT!!!

It all started Thursday night. I took Friday off 1. Because we had the bridesmaid brunch on Friday afternoon & 2.Cause I needed to run 15 miles at some point during the weekend and figured that would be the best time to do it since Saturday I would be running around CRAZY!

Thursday night I stayed with Kathryn in Fayetteville. Me, Kabs, Stephanie, & Shores all stayed up talking for a while then determined we best get to bed, we had a long day ahead of us. I got to sleep in the spare room… I LOVE the spare room! I loved it even more for the fact that I could turn the fan on high, open a window get an even colder breeze, and have uninterrupted sleep. Now I love my husband dearly & I love my pup like a child, but every once in a while it is nice to sleep without a puppy on your head or a RLS (restless leg syndrome) husband to keep you awake.

Got up on Friday at 7am to run my 15 miles..and BOY was it FLIPPIN cold & rainy!! So I pulled out my trusty new Asics tights from sports basement and set off for a winter adventure. As I ran through the first neighborhood nears Kabs house I was sacred to death by some “roofers” there was a BIG storm a while back and a lot of houses in Fville had hail damage. Well these “roofers” we just chilling in their creeper pedophile van, probably cause no normal person would be out working, let alone running in that weather on Friday, and they leaned out the van & stared me down. I am telling you it creeped me out. Needless to say from that point on I decided I need mace & that I was not leaving the confines of the familiar neighborhood. So let me tell you 14 miles (I ran out of time) can get boring running around the same neighborhood over and over again!!

After the run I got ready real quick at met everyone at the luncheon. I CAN NOT explain to you how good this lunch was!! First of all the woman that held the lunch for us was amazing! She was so sweet and such a great hostess that we didn’t want to leave.. Seriously we stayed for 3 hours!! The Food was amazing. I still need to find the recipe. It was roasted vegetables with goat cheese and chicken cacciatore.


Christy is the cute brunette with the pixie cut! She was an amazing hostess!

stephanie, me, kathryn, andrea, & leah

We came back to F-ville for a few hours to chill and change before the rehearsal. Here are some pictures from it..
It was soo very cold on Friday night, and the groomsmen kept jacking up the walk in so we had to do it 2 or 3 times with us standing outside until they could get it right.. It makes me wonder if they were doing it on purpose!
We then went to dinner at Fred's Hickory Inn!! I love Fred's it is absolutely amazing! I have been going there since I was little! I branched out and ordered the smoked sirloin, and it was well worth it. I 100% forgot this whole time that I was supposed to make a toast.. I know that is hard to believe because I plan soo much, but i totally forgot that I was supposed to one.. so it was a from the hip one, which of course made me tear up a little thinking back to all the mess & trouble we use to get in to!!

at cooper chapel

I worked hard on that boquet

kathryn & scarlett (her step mom-who i adore!)

our gifts!

Saturday Morning....
Long story short kabs was getting extensions for the wedding.. well she dyed her hair the week prior and they didn't match.. So at 9 am Saturday morning Kabs ask if Leah and I had to make an emergency stop to Sally's Beauty supply. The only problem was that we had both just gotten out of the shower, were not close to being ready.. and had to be at the brunch at 10:30! The lunch was super fancy too, so it is not like we could stroll up all matted hair!
so Leah & I had to book it to get to the brunch on time.. funny story though (you would need to know leah to really get it) I drove Leah's car so she could finish her makeup. Well leah drives a new mercedees, which would get looks in itself, but to make it worse. leah is cute too. Well on the way to the brunch I am hitting about 90 and this guy in a Land Rover keeps trying to get next to us.. Leah and I both roll our eyes and make some comment about it is WAY to early to be hitting on us and to leave us alone! Well by this time he practically leaning out of his car.. and leah exhasperated rolls down her window & is like what dude.. He screams back---Your hood up up!
WOW! We laughed so hard cause we were just soo annoyed this guy was hitting on us before noon on a saturday!
After the brunch we had to run up to the hotel and deal with the hair crisis..and other things!

nikki iorned

while leah did hair!
nancy did my hair..been going to her since i was 16!

Then comes the fun part!!!

leah, andrea & I

we are so cute!

dance party usa

ladies and gentleman..the guy that is like a father to me.. Neff Basore-doing the worm??

Mrs. Carlson & Mr. Bradley

We had so much fun at the wedding.. I was wao happy for kathryn and loved hanging out with all of our old frineds, eating great food, & most importanly getting my hot husband on the dance floor! A direct quote, "I googled dance moves before we came tonight,"
Oh geez!
Think can't buy me love...need i say more?

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