Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Christmas Wish....

Behold the ALMIGHTY Christmas present!
The NorthFace APex Bionex jacket in Chili Pepper.... 

I know I know.. again I am planning way to much to already know what I want, but again since we are on Dave Ramsey.. We don't just get to buy stuff!
Well I got an email today telling me my jacket was on sale!!!
So it caused me to blog about it.. then it caused me to think about what else I want..
* A new water bottle.. kelly got this really cool one --camelbac style.

Then I want this for our bathroom.. we are always in need of storage...ALWAYS!

* Clothes.. i feel like i always need clothes!
* I am getting to the point that I may need a new Ipod.. i have the 1st generation Shuffle.. and with our marathon coming up I know that I need one that will be able to have more than 4-5 hours of music, sadly though I WOULDN'T GET IT IN TIME!!!
* Camera.. I noticed this weekend how BIG mine is. kelly got it like 3-4 years ago and it is HUGE in comparisson to others that would actually be able to fit in a pocket!
* New Black boots.. mine our very sad & beyond the point of polishing
*  A disney charm-- I got one when we went, but one day at work we had a tornado and I was outside.. so i had to run as fast as i could in the wind and rain.. and when I finally made it inside--mickey was nolonger with me.. :(
* Paint for out 2 guest bedrooms-wonder if Santa would actually do the painting too??
* Printer for our computer

Ok, I will stop now! I just had to write about my coat!!

OH and we got our Christmas cards today!! they are sooo cute!

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Hannah said...

I like it! I loooooooove the jacket... definitely. and you know i'm a fan of the water bottle. ;)

And who doesn't love more storage?!?!?!? it totally brings out my ocd.