Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Friday FREAK

The 12 weeks of Christmas

I am a freak.. I love love love black friday!!
To give you a clear expectation on how much of a freak i am..every year excluding last year, i have gotten myself up at 4am to experience the rush-WITHOUT having a single item to bite, scratch, or claw my way through the masses for. To most people this is crazy. I can not help it. I love to shop whether i have a recipient or not. My favorite way to do it is this:
Thursday-purchase a paper
Friday set alarm for 330 and proceed to drag on clothes pre-coffee.
4am-stop at starbucks for life blood
head to the mall to amble through the gloriousness that is BLACK FRIDAY!
Stores I will hit:
Best Buy
Bath and Body Works
My Favorite black friday was when kelly and i had just started dating.. i remember it soo clearly.
Thanksgiving day 1999. We (the carlson family and myself) left Bentonville early thanksgiving day and drove to Dallas to go to the cowboys game! So fun! After the game we came back to kelly's aunt and uncles house (Jeff, Amy, Kayla, & Blake) I slept on Kayla' trundle bed in her princess pink bedroom.
The next morining our first stop was walmart for some item that santa was supposed to bring kayla. I think it was a barbie playhouse. Amy gave me that as my item to bite, claw and claw for. Well I did and I think i drew blood on the mean lady that tired to steal it from me. (have you ever seen the frineds episode whe monica goes bargin shopping for her wedding dress in queens? That episode makes me think of that day!) Needless to say our morning pretty much summed up our day, going from one store to the next to get all the best deals and to complete the items on the oh so important Christmas list.
Last year though I did get up super early and go with a purpose. 1. I had to work the friday after due to no vacation time 2. belks had these 1000 thread count sheets and they were on sale for 50 bucks. That was my big huge purpse for the day!
I am off this black friday! I am so excited to have the whole day to bargin shop.. now if only my family would tell me what they want!

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