Tuesday, November 24, 2009

call me the firemen thats my name

So Saturday morning was girls on the run...Kelly and I volunteered to be course marshal’s for the 5 k & 1/2 marathon in Bentonville. It was really neat to be able to cheer for those girls and their parents as they ran the 3.1 miles. I thought it was a really neat program and I was very impressed how many families participated. One of these days when we decide to have bebe's we will do that!

After the race we headed home to get the house ready for the family that is coming in this week. Well unfortunately I decided to pick up Twilight, and I became obsessed and never really got in to cleaning the house. Good news is I finished it.. bad news is I have 3 more to go!

Saturday night we had the Hospice benefit Voyage 2009. It was at the Fayetteville Towncenter and a "black tie optional" I could not find any information on what the event was going to include, which meant we had no clue what was going to happen! It was a lot of fun though, they had this big buffet of food, and then all of these local restaurants set up stations and you could try their food too. We got cherries jubilee from Soul, ribs from Freds, lasagna from Pesto, and this AMAZING pumpkin squash soup from Tyson.

After dinner there was a silent action with these amazing items, but they started the bidding at like 1,000 bucks.. so needless to say we just got to pretend what we would buy. Then about 1/2 way through the night the festivities were interrupted by none other than Dr. Evil? He had kidnapped Frank Broyles, Pat Walker, and Dick Trammel. Thank goodness Austin Powers showed up to save them!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church and had to run 15 miles. Let me just tell you that it was a little warm for a November day! The run was well worth it though; Kelly and I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner!

Then I got this bright idea to make this recipe my friend Sarah gave me. Well part of the recipe calls for melted chocolate chips. I made a special point when purchasing my chocolate chips to buy the good stuff.. Nestle Tollhouse.. BS! I will never by them again! You are supposed to sprinkle them on top of this mixture and let them melt... THEY DIDN'T MELT! I put them in for about 5 min, then checked them, not even close they were still in a kiss shape, 5 more min, nope still not melting.. After about 15 min I finally thought surely they didn't mean this much time? So I talked them out. The chips have still not melted but instead become burnt. I was sooo mad! They ruined my dessert! So sadly I had to throw the WHOLE thing away!!

Well then after that I decide I needed to clean my oven with thanksgiving coming up and all..

ps. this takes 4 hours.. Why did no one tell me this? I was up until 10:30 monitoring this! Well I continue to clean the house and all the sudden i realize there is a HUGE cloud of smoke coming from my kitchen! Crap! I start to get flustered. I run over to the oven only to realize there is a fire in the over. I mean is it just cooking off all the crap or is this a legit fire?? I then become worried, kelly is gonna be soo mad if there is a fire.. even if it is the ovens fault-it will somehow circle back to me & that I didn't use my head...I start looking for the phone book (YES they can still be useful) ready to call incase the fire rages out of control. I removed all things around then oven, put my oven mitts on and waited. What I was planning on doing with the cloth oven mitts I don't exactly know, but at the time I thought I was prepared! Thankfully though the fire subsided and the catastrophe was averted.. whew!

no this isn't my oven.. but this is a great visual for the fire!

Today is Kelly’s birthday! I made homemade cheesecake for his birthday.. Hope it is good!


Anonymous said...

i hope we arent having cheesecake soup ;-)

Hannah said...

Woooooow! Well I'm glad your house didn't burn down or anything!!!