Friday, November 20, 2009

musing of martha

I have my moments where I am creative... and I get very excited when I make something that is martha worthy in my mind.
Here is the "creation" that I made this week thanks to the help of Hobby Lobby. Everything Christmas was 50% off.. Which pretty much gives me a free pass to go shopping..especially because my husband will look the other way in the means of the budget if it has something to do with Christmas!

I was pleased how cute they turned out!
I have been looking for the perfect combo of glass vases I got 2 at walmart for about 5 bucks a piece.
The other 2 I got at hobby for a total of 10 bucks.
I also got 2 boxes of mini ornaments for $4 at walmart, at Hobby Lobby I got 1 large box of silver ornaments for $3, 1 bag of red jingle bells for $2, and a small bag of bells for $1.
Grand Total for piece = $25

We also finished our #2 tree! I am excited to have 2 trees this year. It did make me a little sad that Kelly and I weren't as cheesy about the tree decorating.  Last year Kelly videoed the whole thing and we did the whole thing together. This year he was a little preocupied with homework and he wasn't as hands on.. which made me a little sad, because I really love how excited he gets for Christmas!! Here is our second tree!

I have been a little MIA this week, thanks to my friends at work. I will blame it alll on them! It first started when I was talking to them about Harry Potter. I have seen the movies and like them.. I have not read the books, nor did I really care to, but thanks to the group at work they convinced me. I am on the Order of the Pheonix right now with 2 books left. I have currently switched to books on cd due to the fact that it 1. alows me to be engrossed in 2 books at one time, one I can read at home and the other that I can listen to in the car. 2. I have a 15-20 mintute drive to and from work each day... so this alows me to get lost in the story rather than be pissed aout traffic! The books are very good and I am glad that I have been introduced to them, there really is so much more to the story than in the movies.
Then they brought up twilight...really? I remember about 4 years ago I was with my friend Emily and she was reading this book and refused to tell me about it. After much persuasion I found out that our mutual friend Brittney had given her this book about a girl that fell in love with a vampire. I laughed at her and didn't think another thing about it. Until all this stuff came out about twilight and even then I didn't bother to see the movie until it hit the red box. THEN JENNI AND KERRI came in to the picture and made it sound just so dang interesting. So at lunch on Monday Kerri brought me Twilight. It has all been down hill since then. I have go so far as to cover myself in a blanket and hide the book under it while we were "watching tv" I was unable to read on Tuesday night due to some meetings. I was very tempted to pick it up before bed on T , but I very strongley resisted the urge as to not fall in to a very long night of sleeplessness...
Well Wed and last night I was not so lucky! I became engrossed in the book and can't stop thinking about that happens next! Needless to say I am now hooked and hope to finish the 1st one tonight.

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