Monday, November 9, 2009



Me, Andrea & Casey
Friday I took a half day off from work. Why? I needed to run.. crazy to most-i know! In all fairness though I knew that this weekend there would be no way I would have time if I didn't.
So I left work, went and stashed water bottles in to trees (so I would not have to stop to pick up the water, this way I could keep on keeping on) and parked at the bentonville trail. I was set to do 15. My friend Carrie Jo was supposed to run with me, but she shaded out.. typical fayetteveille girl! Anyway, the run was a bit of a struggle it was warm on friday and I was out of my routine.. but I finished it!
I then had to rush home and get ready. We go to First Friday's every month and this time our friend Jermey opened up his studio so I really wanted to make sure that I went to show support! He is awesome! Check out his pics HERE! So I had to get ready pretty quick then meet Kelly at the square!
Well I also necded to do make-up for Pink Trash, but I didn't want to be tooo crazy for the wholesome Bentonville square! So I opted to go understated for the First Friday's then head to Mac afterwards.
Well i guess I am a simpleton and thought that I could just walk in and get my make-up done and then end! Well the Mac girl told me that, "YOU need and apt here on the weekends. We have a ton of events!"
Don't get me wrong she was a life saver and worked her magic on my eye's and I looked like a product of the 80's & I loved it!

Casey & I

Kelly, Kurt, & Jimmy came later to show their support.. they even wore PINK!

Kelly & I
I ended up getting home about 2am...I will post more about the baby shower & LR trip later!

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