Monday, November 2, 2009

goodbye sunshine hello sleep!

This weekend we opted to stay in and lay low for Friday night. We had a long run on saturday morning and wanted to turn in early. We had a few trick-or-treaters at work on Friday and that added a little spice to the day! So after work I went over to visit my grandma. My papa (whose was pbly my most favorite person in the world) passed away a few years ago and since then I try to visit grandma as much as our busy schedule allows! She did inform me during my visit that the new Nora Roberts book is out & I NEED IT! Bed of roses.. it is part of her new series & let me tell you it is taking alll of my willpower not to run out and buy it right now!
After quality time with her I came home to a welcome surprise. Kelly had made us dinner! Only problem was it varied from our norm. We normally have pizza every Friday night. That way we know exactly how it effects our tummy's on our saturday run. Well my precious deviated from the norm and MAN was it bad (more to come) Well we ate dinner, spent a little quality time with each other and were in bed by about 10. AARP I KNOW!
Saturday morning... cure the scary dungeon music...
So it all started bad when kelly couldn't find his running shirt. He wanted a very specific running shirt. So he starts stomping around pulling things out of his "running clothes drawer" and muttering. So I calmly tell him to look in the closet and the dirty clothes.. "I DID CORTNEY!" Well I know from experience that kelly has this odd ability to "look" without looking, nor does he move anything if there is a pile.. I head to the dirty clothers and retrieve said shirt expecting a grand thanks.. not so much. "THIS ISN'T THE SHIRT!!!!" It took me a bit to realize I pulled th light blue & he wanted the dark blue--- difference? None! By this point I am annoyed, and I not so calmly tell him that, "if this situation was reveresed and I was having a 6 year old style meltdown about a shirt, that YOU would tell me to suck it up and deal with it." Surprisingly.. that didn't work, it only made it worse! He then refuses to leave the house until he is wearing the dark blue shirt. I then did the only thing I could..walked away and prayed for patience. Five min later he walked out of the bedroom sporting the dark blue shirt!!! I sweetly said where did ya find it??? "In the closet"
HUMMM.. I kept the smirk to myself! Needless to say on the way to the run he appologized for the behavior, but as most women know.. I was still a little rattled & effected by the issue so.. the run was bound to be a bad one!
Well about 5 miles in I was already hurting so i asked kelly to stop for me to have a bathroom break. I still felt off-like I wasn't in my normal rhythm. Well 5 more miles I had to stop again. I was so dishartened with myself. The we start off for the 2nd half of the run, and at one point I stopped in the middle of the road. (now some people are walkers, they stop and walk and start back up again) I don't stop so this was a big deal. I just stopped looked up to the sky and prayed. I prayed for strength and for determination. Well it worked for a bit. Then about mile 15 I had him stop again. He asked if I was gonna be ok. He said we can stop now if you need. I firmly told him no, if i don't do this it will be a mental block. I HAVE to finish. Well at mile 18 Kelly's legs pretty much quit. He litterally had o grab on the a fence to keep up. So with my issues and his we only did 18 of the 20 mile training run.
I honestly felt this huge burden of disappointment. Why couldn't we have just willed our legs to go on for 2 more miles? It still bothers me and I deel like a quiter. I know that 18 miles is still a big deal, but it still weighs on me that i couldn't meet that goal.
So we came home dejected, and rushed around to get ready to meet our friends kathryn & dave. We were going to the razoback game with them & were due to meet them at 2. When we got there Dave had smoked these amazing ribs! After dinner we headed to the game, were surprisingly we were bored!! It was a great feeling to know that we rockstared that game!
THEN Sunday came.. oh wonderful Sunday, when I woke up and realized that my clock was wrong it really was 7am not 8am!! It felt like Christmas, and Santa had given me the present of a whole extra hour!

We went to church Sunday morning to find out that our DEAR friend Paul Carter had lost his battle with cancer. It really is amazing how some people can really touch your life and make you want to be a better person. Paul was that guy. He was always the guy with a smile on his face, and like my husband said he always had a twinkle in his eyes. Everytime he would smile his whole face was a smile. He was a hugger too.
I like that. I like that every Sunday after church he was there waiting for Kelly and I and we didn't handshake Paul we hugged. I lost my grandpa a few years back and Paul's death really felt like I was losing another grandpa figure. Please Pray for the Carter Family.

Although we had such a loss we were still responsible for hosting life groups. Even with the extra hour I still didn't get everything done in time. I even picked and easy dish to be able to do it all... but I didn't even think about my oven space!! I made a homemade cheesecake thanks to my friend carrie evers, and well I obviously didn't read the recipr all the way through before setting out to cook, cause it needed 4 hours to chill.Well I got it out of the oven at groups at 6.. you do the math.
Then came the chicken debocle. I had 3 dishes of chicken and 2 dishes of green bean bundles. Needless to say they weren't all fitting in our oven. So we had to improvise.. We had our lesson first and our meal second. Which we did have some grumbles about how people were going to starve to death.. but it worked out ok until it came to the cheesecake.. I went to cut in to it and it all just colapsed. Ross told me I should have called it a new dish.. like I had meant to do it.. Dang it!
We did find out our love language though..
I am a Acts of Service & Physical Touch.
Kelly was a Words of Affrimation
**side note..Kelly scored a 1 on physical touch.. I scored a 10.. this should be an interesting book.

This is my twin Jimmy & I at life groups!

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Hannah said...

holy crapola.... sounds like your life sucks right now! ha! but seriously, don't beat yourself up, my dear ocd friend. 18 miles is freaking amazing!