Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GUESS where I am going????

I am sooo excited... This is probablly my favorite things about my sales job!!

any guesses yet?



I am not going to tell.. I am hoping that some one is able to figure it out by my clues?


Hannah said...

I have NO idea who that guy is, or the skyline, BUT I'm guessing that it is the CHICAGO?!?!?! Ohhh I can't wait to find out!!!

Anonymous said...

that looks like the CNN center in HOTlanta... and that could perhaps be the skyline... am I right? If I am Peace up A-town Down... O yes I did just do that

Anonymous said...

No I take it back... I spoke too soon. Where is the mall of america? Michigan, Wisconsin... somewhere up north, you can't get sweet tea there

aWare said...

minnapolis? i bet i spelled that wrong!