Thursday, November 5, 2009

healthy woman!!

abby's paraffin hand treatment!
It was pumpkin scented

Hand massages.. so good I almost fell asleep!

I had one of abby & I too, but i was looking rough! So sorry abs! not posting it!

Tonight was our girls night at the Embassy! It was a lot of fun. My two friends from church went with me..The blonde is Kelsey married to my friend Jimmy from college, and the brunette is Abby we met at church. They are both precious!!
Anyway the three of us went to the Healthy Women thing with northwest health and got to sample some WONDERFUL services from the spa botanica. It is the new spa inside the embassy and WOW it is nice and relaxing.
We each got a hand massage from Angie Blevins... She was great! Then we got chair massages from Breezey and again I wanted to just climb in to a robe and stay there.
Kelsey and I decide that we would email each others husbands and let them know a say at the spa would be a great gift from santa!
But needless to say I am tired from my relaxing & fun night...

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Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Awww thank you SO much for posting something about my little giveaway! It looks like ya'll had so much fun at the Embassy! It's always so fun to spend time with good girl friends : )