Monday, August 16, 2010

I scream you scream we all scream for Coach.. or Kate Spade?

I hope everyone  had a good weekend!

Who wants a coach purse? Lots of people.. Who wants one for only 50 bucks??

Well then buy mine! I got this a while ago and sadly I don't use it.. AT ALL. I am a big ole diaper bag kind of girl.. If you will remember the post I did a little while ago of what all was in my purse then you will understand why I can't have the smaller coach purse. Paid about 175 for it still in the brown Coach Bag... I found on online for 90 bucks.. So ladies you are getting a DEAL!

What about Kate Spade?
30 bucks on this one.. it is a little older.. but still super functional and very very real.. It also comes in the authentic Coach bag.

Also think of it like this.. you are contributing to a great cause the "Buy Cortney Cowboys Boots Cause"

Send me an email if you are interested.. cortneycarlson@gmail.comKelly &

I didn't do much this weekend which was kind of fun.. Friday night we went to the pool with HSC (Marcus), scott, & our new friends Aaron & christy. We always loose track of time at the pool! HSC his wife Alexis, Aaron & Christy are all going to the CCR concert at the AMP in September. I was so excited when HSC text me on Friday to tell me about CCR. He saw my pictures on FB of megs and I at the concert and wanted to know if we were going.
I knowing that Hubs hates music so I figured it was a lost cause. Thanks to a little help of my friends, and HSC playing CCR ALL night at the pool I  think I am getting him a little closer to actually being open to the idea.. If not I have already set my radio to kix 104 so I can listen for free tickets, because they are not in the budget.
Saturday we slept in until 830 which is very unlike us...
I did go see my grandma and took her to sam's. I like that she will atleast get out more. When I came home I came home to this..

This winter Kelly & I made the rookie new home owner mistake of not detaching our hose from the faucet on the outside of the house. Well it caused the pipe to burst and it was on Kelly's list of things to do so I guess on Saturday he decided he wanted to take care of that item.
It was a bigger project that he thought and it for sure spilled over in to Sunday. So after church we spent a good 2hours shopping around for the right part. $60 later the pipe is fixed, but we are sOO not going to the concert.. spent our ticket money fixing pipes.  Ahh the joys of home ownership.

Ok now for the most exciting thing to happen to me in a while..


Whitney from A Child to Love gave me an award
Whitney has such a beautiful little girl.. love her name Eden..
So I say thank you to Whitney and now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself...

1. When I was in 1st grade my dad managed a house rental company and he came home one day and told me that the New Kids on the Block were coming to Bville to do a benefit concert.. I went back to school and told everyone and everyone called me a liar.. then dad told me it was supposed to be a secret, so I had to go back to everyone and tell them I was lying.
So when the NKOTB came to town they let me hang out with them the day of the concert, and go on stage at the concert, and I got Jordan's bucket hat...

2. Favorite ice cream is Chubby Hubby by Ben and Jerry's or Birthday Cake by Blue Bell
3. Fall is the best season there is
4. After Europe, the  place I would most like to visit in NYC
5.Favorite Band- Cross Canadian Ragweed
6. I have never taken my wedding band off... nope not once.
7. The first time I went gambling I went to Tunica.. Some guy gave me the rest of his coins (about 5-6 bucks worth of quarters) I put it in and pulled the lever. Won 100 something dollars. He told me I could keep it.. I walked directly to the vault and cashed it in. Bought my first pair of Citizen jeans. Thank you 60 year old man in Tommy Bahama.

I am then supposed to Award this to other Blogs I really enjoy reading so here are my top 7:

Jenni from OverAmbitious and Lazy

Tara from Jimmy Choos and Tennis shoes.. met her at kitchen Queens.. super sweet and loves her dog as much as I love mine

GRIZA family IGriza.. not sure homegirls name.. but she cracks me up..Not many people are this real

Amanda  from Becoming a Ware .. Such a strong Christian woman.. Love her!

Rachel from Footballs and Crowns.. So funny and such a great mom

Leslie from A Blonde Ambition.. love her blog .. and her trend watch..

Julianne from Fabulous Life of Jules.. love her name.. and her blog


Tara Gibson said...

thank you so much girl!! : )

LG said...

LOL Thanks for the shout out and the award! Glad to have your link so I can read your blog!