Monday, August 2, 2010

105 & a white wedding or should I say a wet wedding?

Nice day for a white wedding..

We survived Dallas! Friday after work Kelly, Kurt, and I all headed south to celebrate his cousin Krystin's wedding. As we were heading out Kurt told me to grab Kelly's golf club because they were playing in the morning.

Well after Chic-fil-a for dinner we got on the road and I was saved by the grace of the Iphone... I watched MTV's true life, Criminal Minds, and The Gates all on my phone. A random mix yes, but It was what had been downloaded the last time I synched my phone so it was better than nothing.

Ps this is sleepy me.
I thought I was pretty smart. I brought my camping head lamp so I would be able to read while we were in the car!

We rolled in to Dallas at about 1130 and stayed up talking to the family until 230!!
Saturday, little did we know when Kurt told me to pack the clubs he hadn't checked with the rest of the family!!!

He did it all on his own. Julie (MIL) had worked so hard in convincing Bobby (FIL) that they wouldn't have time to golf & then Kurt goes ahead and plans the outing! Bobby was laughing and so proud that Kurt and Kelly wanted to golf so bad that they would plan it no matter what.

Wedding started at 6pm.. did I forget to mention it was outside! Oh My Goodness!
An outside wedding in July in Dallas. yep 105 was the temp. Cool and breezy!
Well Kelly & Kurt were having NO part of this. They came up with this super plan to hide out in the locker room and watch the wedding from inside.

So about 20 min until the wedding started we stealthily took our places. Only thing was Kelly abandoned TEAM CARLSON and was every man for himself!! He totally bailed and leaves me out in the hallway to seek cover in the men's locker room.
Right then the bridal party comes down the hall. I would have made James Bond proud with the wall hugging manoeuvre I accomplished. I even put my fingers in a gun position to get the full affect. I was shuffling against the wall trying not to be seen for a good 10 minutes before the wedding planner called them to take their places. Conveniently the boys emerge from the locker room looking happy as can be. Punks!

After the wedding party had cleared out we made our way to the cafe to watch the ceremony so we could honestly say we saw the whole thing!

This is our view from inside the clubhouse
People's once light blue shirts we almost navy from the sweat..
I hugged Kelly's aunt and she looked at me with a raised eyebrow..
"Your skin feels cool?"
Oh well at least I was cool!

Kelly, Me, & Kurt

This is my hubs.. who says he wants to wait a little longer for bebe's..
Lets take a vote.
Does this look like a man who wants to wait for bebe's?
Yep, didn't think so.

Nana wanted a family picture. I think this is one of the the things that I love about my in-laws.. they love pictures as much as I do. So, nana wanted a picture so the entire family headed out to the lobby. Well Kelly (the I'm not ready for bebe's guy) grabs his little cousin Connor (6yrs) and Camryn (3yrs) and carries them to the lobby. He sits Connor down on the counter while we are getting everyone ready. I look down and realize.. he sat Connor down alright.. ON THE WEDDING CAKE! Thankfully it was already wrapped in plastic so there was no evidence on Connors rear end, but we pulled Connor off and walked away really fast. I started laughing because I thought it was the other wedding parties.. not ours (they were a realllllyyy rude group and said some nasty things about Krystin's wedding, so we weren't a fan from the begining...please don't think I go around trying to ruin wedding cakes!) Then I realize that Nick (the groom) went to SMU, well the cake was an SMU mustang cake! WHOOPS! The poor thing looked like a fat out of shape blob by the time we got done with it.

Callaway spent the weekend with our sweet friends Jimmy & Kelsey..
He got home and stayed in this position until this morning when I got up!


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