Tuesday, August 3, 2010

nails on a chalkboard

The older I get the more I realize that I have some things that absolutely drive me crazy. I know I should try a little harder to have some patience, but there are some things I can just not handle!

This morning I was in the bathroom at work and the girl in the next stall walked out.. fluffed her hair and then proceeded to leave the bathroom without washing her hands. This to me is absolutely gross. I will admit, I use to not wash my hand. I never really thought about it. After living with my sweet friend Sara in college I gained a whole new respect for the hand washing thing. Sara was a nursing major and enlightened me on the importance of not spreading germs.

I also want to vomit when I hear the noise of people clipping their nails. I hate doing it myself so hearing it from other people just turns my stomach. There is a guy at work who does it every Monday morning. EVERY Monday morning. Never fail. This drives me crazy on several levels...

1. It is gross.. those things can fly everywhere. I will not be able to go by this person's desk for fear that I will step on or see some clippings

2. You have a house. If you do this every week at work.. you can do it every week at home over your trash can or toilet.

3. The repetitive noise is like nails on a chalkboard and I HATE IT

I also have a small problem with whistling. No, I am not Satan and I love puppies and rainbows, but for some reason whistling annoys me. Unfortunately Kelly loves to whistle. Thankfully it annoys Julie to so we can usually get Kelly to stop with out to much force.

Lastly I hate matching socks. I know that this is a mindless task that I can do in front of the TV, but I hate how I end up getting one random sock left over and it annoys me.

On a positive note I got the china hutch picked up and loaded and in to my dining room last night. I called my handy dandy daddy and asked him to help me with the heavy lifting. Kelly was still at work when I got off and when my dad could meet so I recruited my friend Stephen to help. After about 30 minutes of tying and retying we got the hutch strapped in. When we got it home I set straight to work on it.. I was super excited to put all my stuff in it.

Here is the "finished" product, but I am sure I will add more!


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Anonymous said...

these are not that wierd. Working with food made me a lot more aware of things. And aware of things in restraunts. The whistling thing is like my #1 I will give someone the evil eye if they are whistling in a confined space.