Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What about Wednesday.. not your average nickname

What about Wednesday is all about nicknames..

I made it all throughout school without having a nickname. I loved that I wasn't one of those shortened names. I hated Cort and no one ever called me that.

My dear friend Emily gave me one that was just completely random (one of the reason's i love her so) and she called me pangle (maiden name) puff she would then skip around our small college dorm room and sing puff the magic dragon. So, I was known there after as Puff. Em called Sara Ruby Ruth.. Honestly, I can not remember where that came from but it was better than what we were calling which was Sara pp.. she wasn't a fan of either.. I can not imagine why! Then there is Emily, you can shorten that to em, then I found out she hated emmy.. so she became Emmy.

Fast forward 5 years and I some how get called Cort.. ugh.. there is absolutely nothing I can do about this. The minute anyone knows that Cort is super annoying and that I use to FLIP out if my name was shortened it becomes like the plague. That is all anyone calls me. Now 2.5 years later and that is all I hear.

Thankfully Kathryn ann still calls me Pangle which is completely fine because even Kelly's guy friends still call me pangle.. You can tatoo pangle on to my forearm before I would ever consider introducing myself as CORT. All of my friends still proceed to call me cortney, but unfortunately at work where I am 75% of the time.. I am not Cortney, Cortney Mae, or even Pangle.. it is cort..

Kelly & I were talking one day, probably 2-3 years in to the marriage and we decided we just "go together, kind of like milk and cookies or peanut butter and jelly"

Since then we have loving referred to each other as peanut butter and jelly.

Now that Jlo is preggo.. she was concerned with what the nicknames for sweet baby Kimpel would be. She has decided on Bradley she has been very adamant that he would not be Brad. I completely agree with this thought process. You have got to think about nicknames that your kid will be forced to deal with!!

My dad is Pickle? Pickle Pangle. Not sure where that one came from, but everyone that has known him for a while knows him as pickle. This is usually a good indicator of how well they know him... If they call him pickle they know what a mess he is. If they call him Steve chances are he only deals with them in a professional setting and I am safe from the stories of his crazy youth.

Aunt Jamia (SEW SOMETHING--parties start on the 19th) Jenni from the block and I all went to lunch. A.J. (aunt Jamia is way to long to type) brought a friend with her.. who I love she is sassy.. but sadly, I have met her 2 times and I have yet to remember her name.. She needs a nickname! PS. I am sure that Jenni & Jamia love their nicknames that I have given them! Anyway, our sewing business has started. We met over sweet potato fries and discussed our class situation. I was the idea behind it all-also self proclaimed marketing executive, A.J. is the talent behind the business, and Jenni is the patience and assistant teacher. We have lesson plans and will start classes on the 19th of August. There will be everything from sewing basic's, to tree skirts, to razorback t-shirt dresses!

Let me know if you are interested!!!


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Jamia Weir said...

Her name is Shannon!

So excited about the 19th!