Wednesday, August 18, 2010

kind of a cluster...

Yesterday am it was so pretty in the morning I got up and ran. It is making me happy that it is cooling off. I am so sick of this heat. Well since I am supposed to be getting back in the habit of running (Kelly and I are non summer runners-- we would both rather run when our eyelashes have ice silicles on them and the snot freezes to the side of our face than when we sweat so much it looks like we took a fully clothed shower)

Kelly wants to do Little Rock in March. I am not ready to sign back up for one, but at the same time I would love to have a better time... so I am a little stuck. The other bad thing is we will be running in the coldest part of winter.. I guess when I am running 22 miles I won't be THAT cold..

Anyway I go to the gym and the owner stopped me to talk...She saw my Runners World and asked me what I was training for.. I told her about LR and that I was on the fence..but it was in hubs head already so I figure it is inevitable that we will lace up the pearl izumi's and make a run for it.. She mentioned she wanted to do St Jude (Kelly and I's first) so I start going on and on about it and how it is a great race. She then tells me this will be her 15th.. WOW. And One shot of an Inadequate cocktail over here please..I shut up and let her talk from then on.

This morning was a cluster. Which is why we will have What about Wednesday tomorrow! Cause I have to tell yall about my morning.

10pm last night head to bed.. I got up at 440 and worked out twice.. Princess was tired. So I set my alarm, read my Bible and go to bed.

5am this morning I hear an insanely loud crunching noise. Callaway has this bone that he eats on (it is plastic, but don't tell him that) well he found it this am and brought it to bed.. I wake up annoyed and throw the bone no clue where it lands, but a few minutes later he is back with it thinking it is play time. So I put it on the night stand where he can't get to it. A little bit later I hear this whine and wake up to realize he is half sitting on my head staring at the bone on the nightstand. Super annoyed now I am about to flip out like the lady who couldn't get her nuggets and McDonald's and I realize it is 625. Humm guess who has to be at work at 7?

I jump out of bed and begin texting JLO to tell her I am going to be late.. Then proceed to the cluster I will call my morning..

Kelly was counting on me to get him up too.. whoops now we are both late!

Go to the sink start putting make-up on

pup whines, go to the backdoor to let the pup out

go to the laundry room to plug in iron.. never fails I need to iron when I am late!

back to the bathroom

realize I have lost my makeup somehow.. retrace steps... hit the button on the coffee pot to start

find make-up on dryer

dog barks, go to back door to let him in

Coffee not brewing?? What the HECK? Is it broken? NO NOT TODAY I NEED COFFEE> oh wait i forgot to add water!

Add water to coffee pot

back to the bathroom

pick out an outfit? UGH! decide on a top at least. Put that on and go to finish make-up

Hubs looks at me like I am CRAZY. I now have my shirt picked out and my shoes on-3" sandals.. nope haven't decided on the skirt yet..

Brush teeth, bump in to hubs with mouthful of toothpaste spit.. dribble on top.. CRAP!

Go to laundry room take off spit shirt throw in basket.. get pups food ( this is hubs job, but I am trying to help) let dog eat

finish make-up smudge mascara on left eye.. MUST fix later

pick out new outfit

hear dog food being poured..Hubs telling the pup to sit,shake, & speak (he must do these tricks before he eats)

"oh babe I already fed him.. I'm sorry I was trying to help!"

Hubs --in overdramatic tone-- "SORRY pup.. MOOMM says I can't feed you. Sorry."

Callaway looks at me... I swear he understands.. and was shoot death daggers at me.. he is a fat kid that looovees food.

Grab stuff, kiss hubs, run to the car.

pull out of drive and flying through subdivision

crap I forgot my lunch.. oh well..

CRAP I forgot my iphone!

The big question.. to turn around or not to turn around..

Not really a question at all kids..

U-turn in subdivison--parents hate me..

get phone!!

Drive super fast.

make it to work by 715

I am a cluster.........

930 am... JWOW says "what is wrong with you eye make-up"

dang it!

Can I just start over?



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