Friday, August 20, 2010

Nerotic clean up on aisle five..

know that I have some serious necroses. I accept that and I present them to other people (like my wonderful 39 followers!) and I try to make light of the fact that I have them, but the truth is I put it out there for you so I don't take myself to serious.

We had our first Sew Something class last night and it went really well! More on it in a minute. Well Kelly's sister Kaylee was going to KC for a visit with some of her friends, so they were staying with us on their way through. Well they got there at like 930 ish. We talked to them for a bit and then went to bed.

I woke up this morning and Callaway wasn't in the bed. I go to check on him and he is in the bathroom laying on his own bed, scratching at his face. I them look closer and his eye is completely matted shut. I instantly get worried. My baby couldn't even open it.. (Again.. I know that I am a freak. LORD HELP ME when I have kids!) My mind starts racing.. "the vet isn't open yet," What do I do when that happens to me? "will this be permanent?" "how can I fix this??"

So I grab Callaway and put him in my arms like he is my bebe.. I go to the faucet get a warm wash cloth and start wiping his eye.

Kelly is like, "Babe he will be fine.."

I still hover over him for a few more minutes trying not to make a big deal of it so Kelly doesn't think I am a complete freak.

I then hear Kelly letting him out side.. he is being so quiet he is whispering..

"come here pup"

"lets see you" I hear the jangle of the collar --which means he is rubbing him behind the ears..

"It's gonna be ok pup, you are gonna be ok" more collar jangle...

"you're a good boy"

HA! See how cute is he.. trying to be all hard and manly macho.. but deep down he is worried..

I am sure he said the You are going to be fine comment, because he knew the minute I walked in to work I would call the vet & google.."dog with matted eye, swollen shut"

Call the vet.. Dr Vaughn (LOVE HIM) he says, "yep, infection. come by today all get ya some drops. 2x a day for a week.. good as new)

Ahhh sigh of relief..
Thank you for indulging me in the necroses.

Nope.. it is not a sweat shop...

It is Sewing class...

SO MUCH FUN!! If you couldn't come we are having another one, You should BE THERE!

We covered the basics.. How to turn on your machine.. how to thread a bobbin, how to thread a needle... then we got to the fun stuff

Each girl made a flannel burp cloth, and then one from the cloth diapers..

The finished product...
Don't our students look GOOD!

The very proud assistant teachers!



LG said...

i wanna take a sewing class like that! so much fun! post pics of all the s tuff you make!

Al's World said...

I found you when you commented on my blog, so wanted to hop on over to yours. Don't worry about too freaked out over your dog, I did the same thing with our cat before our first son was born. Just wait until you have little ones..your husband will be over the top as well... :)