Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thread Thursday & a GIVE-A-WAY!

Ok so here are some random things that have happened to me this week at work.

One, there is a guy that works near my group who eats a bag of bread... yep like a big ole bag of dinner rolls... just snacks away on them all day. Random? Yes I think so!
**come to find out he has some allergy and he can't eat certain foods. I guess atkins is a no go for him?

Two, there is also a guy that I run in to often in the breakroom, we must be on the same lunch schedule or something, but while I am in there heating up my chicken and veggies he is heating up his corn. Corn, just corn , it looks to be straight out of the Del Monte can. he does put a healthy amount of butter and pepper in it, but just corn for lunch?

Three, ok so this one happened at the gym, but still. I have started a 21 day trial and a X fit gym in Bentonville. I got up early before work to go and while I am getting things ready to go I get this massive nose bleed? Who gets those after the age of 6? I kept dripping and trying to clean it up, but every time I would bend down to wipe it up it was like a rush of more came. So I leave and head to the gym with a paper towel up my nose. I then throw the paper towel out the window prior to pulling in to the parking lot. I didn't want the paper towel to be outside my car and all the people at the gym to wonder who the freak is with the bloody paper towel next to her car. I go in and I am still dripping a little not to mention that the first bits of the bleedy are on my nose. I almost tell the 16 year old behind the counter that no I am not addicted to crack, the air is just dry and then I decide against it.

After my work out I am in the shower and a fellow gym girl gets in the shower next me. I then hear the unmistakable sound of the "nose blow honk."

Seriously? Can you do that? I mean I know some times you can't help it and sometimes it is ok if you do this action in the privacy of your own home, but in a public locker room is a little to much! Agreed or no

I get back in the car and Kelly had sent a text or two.. he was just a little worried. I am sure after the trail of blood I left all over the house he was figuring someone had abducted me and there was a struggle..

Did I mention... it is reversible

Ok, now to the important stuff. I am doing my very first give-a-way. This is a shameless ploy to get more followers!! What don't judge me. One of these days I want to be SAHB (Stay at home Blogger) as opposed to the traditional SAHM (stay at home mom)... and yall can help me get there!!!

Anyway.. Who loves free stuff?? EVERYONE DOES!

Jenni from Overambitious & Lazy gave me a dress for a giveaway!

You pick your size: 6-9months, 12-18 months, 2T & 3T

How can you get this beautiful dress handmade with love?

1. Follow my blog (1 entry) if you already follow comment telling me you already follow

2. Follow Jenni's blog (1 entry)

3. Blog about the give away (2 entries!! comment with a link to your blog)

That is 4 chances to enter!

I will give this away on Tuesday the 10th at 10am!

Good Luck!

one more random thing.. My purse..

I have one of those big ole tano purses, and today I cleaned it out.. this is what I found:

1 purple grape

a bag of flaming hot cheetos

1 travel pouch of Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams

2 travel size notebooks

ipod charger

camera cord to download pictures

3 jolly ranchers

1 melted Hersheys kiss

a sunglass charm that we got in St Lucia

Cajan Shrimp nail polish

OPI Nail Envy

A headlamp--the one that I took to the Dallas trip

a black necklace



lip gloss

7 pins

timex watch

2 packs of gum

2 of those flavor water packs


2 pairs of sunglasses

print out of our landscaping plan


& hand lotion


GlowinGirl said...

Girl, your bag is something else! You're prepared for anything, aren't you? ;)

I've had a nose bleed as an adult (when I was pregnant). Crazy, I know. I thought I'd left them behind as well!

erin f. said...

Wait, I am behind in blogging...I want to enter!

Stephna said...

I did not know you were a blogger. Maybe sometime when I have more time and figure out how to do the fun creative computer work that you have accomplished, I will get brave and start one myself.