Friday, August 13, 2010

It is finally Friday!!! this week has been a long one.

I have absolutely nothing to be funny or witty about.. so I thought I would share some of the random things that make me a giant nerd..
I heart the X Men.. I LOVE THE all things X Men with a deep true love, I think it started with Hugh Jackman, prrr. Then I just fell in love with all the Characters ( I was an only child and my dad obviously never got a boy, so I also had the comic books- thanks dad, so don't think I am so fair weather fan.. I am legit) Kelly knows that if he ever wants to got to the movies and XMen better be out soon so we can go..
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
double prrr

Remy LeBeau/ Gambit..

I also love James Bond & Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible) These are also ones that will get me to the movie theatre

I drink Pickle Juice Straight of the jar. I use to hide this weirdness from the hubs, but now I embrace it.

I listen to books on CD to and from work, most of the time... which brings me to the next thing

Mike & Mike & Colin Cowheard, & ESPN radio, during football season the cd's go up on a shelf and I become a football freak and listen to Mike and Mike in the morning & the heard at lunch.

This past year I read the entire harry potter series, twilight, women's murder club, and I am just waiting to the last nora roberts book to come out from the bride quartet to finish it.

When I was in high school the only thing I wanted to be was Reba McEntire

Have a fabulous weekend!!


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Whitney said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. You are so funny! I also wanted to say that I gave you a blog award... So go check it out!