Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sorry Dear's for being MIA the past few days! I has been a busy week.

Did everyone have a good wekend?

Ours was pretty busy..

Friday night HSC & Alexis had us over for a cookout. Kelly & brought smoked sausage, they made guacmole, and scott & brenna brought the veggies. We all sat out on the back patio until about 12:30 when Kelly & realizes we had to be up at 5 we figured we better head home and get some sleep!!

Saturday morning we were volunteering at Tritoremember and had to pick up chic-fil-a at 6. We then spent the rest of the morning directing traffic, filling water cups, and cheering on the participants. It was a sprint tri so they start off with 500 meter swim, then 15 mile bike ride, finishing with a 3.1 mile run. The hills on the course were CRAZY big! I mean intense!

After that I was pretty tired for the rest of the weekend.. I didn't even participate, but this kid was tired just cheering for it!

But, I was not to spent to join Alexis in shopping for cowboy boots! We all know I have wanted these things more than anything, but everytime I go to pull the trigger i end up needing something else more.. So with Alexis going with the sole purpose to buy boots it was going to be easier to commit. I warned her prior to walking in the store that I was very indecisive. She warned me that she was very picky.

Well I am sure the store associate hated us because we would take a pair all the way across the store, try them on in front of the mirror, then decide we wanted to try on a different pair.. This went on until we each had 3 or 4 pairs in front of the mirror. Finally we both decided on these..

Before you ask... yes they were in the budget, sortof? I did some taste testing and made about 75 bucks... then I sold some clothes to Cheap Thrills in Fayetteville.

So it is like they were in the budget...right???

Then Monday we had the Naturals game. We had a lot of fun. I was slightly annoyed that they delayed the game for 45 minutes to fix some lighting issue...
happy to be waiting!

Tuesday I had a Komen meeting.. we divided us race responsibilities... I have the actual running of the race, bark for the cure, train for the cure, and survivor breakfast. Sounds like a lot huh.. Well it is!

Today was Charity Challenge (golf & tennis tournament) I am excited about being involved with this it is a great cause and I am excited to help!

I know i have no funny stories, but this kid has something every day at lunch and after work this week. I am tired.


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