Monday, May 10, 2010

Emily Post I am not..

But, I do know a thing or two about etiquette.
First off is RedBox, for those of you that have been living in a cave for the past year and missed the memo on what exactly redbox is.. They are a red box (crazy I know) that rents out movies for $1 a night. There are usually about 5-10 pages of movies that you can scroll through and rent. Well let me give you all your first lesson on redbox etiquette.
When you approach the box, have a movie in mind and if you would like to take it to the next level.. Have a back up movie in mind. This way when you get to the front of the line you already know what you are going to rent.

If you do not know what you would like to rent, politely go to the end of the line, if you are a few people back in line make sure and read all titles listed on the front of the redbox and have some in mind by the time you reach the front of the line.
NEVER read every single flipping bio on the movie. If you are the only person at the redbox then here can be an exception, but this is the exception NOT the rule. If there is ever a line, don't read, then never spend more than a few minutes browsing, make your selection or move on.
If you follow these etiquette rules you will be red box royalty.
You will not be like the skanks who spent 10 minutes browsing through all 8 pages of movies tonight. They also read every synopsis on the movies before making their selection. I about lost it..

Next up:
Hand washing.Now, I am not a germ freak and I often obey the 5 second rule (don't judge). I do however get a little fired up about handwashing.
When you use the restroom it is imperative to wash afterwards. By wash, I mean with soap and water. Just by turning on the water and sticking your hands under the faucet for a few seconds does not constitute handwashing.  

Then to walk out of the bathroom and go to the coffee maker and proceed to pour yourself a cup of coffee, might be the nastiest thing ever.. I don't want you bootie germs in my coffee.. Wash your hands!!!

Workout Summary:
Distance- 5k, pace- 8:13, total time- 25:30

Course... A really hard one! We ran out by Lake Atalanta and wow that course was pretty hilly. I wasn't proud of my time. I wish I could have done better but we haven't been running as much as we were a few weeks ago. I hope by the time we run our race this weekend I can knock off 30-45 seconds...

This week is going to be super busy and I am already tired.. It was so bad today I took a nap in my car during lunch.

Tuesday- Susan G. Komen meeting regarding the 2011 race.

Wednesday- Make-A-Wish, We get to meet our wish kid

Thursday- (I kind of sort of signed myself up to help with Circle of Life Hospice) I have a Hospice meeting regarding 2010 Voyage Gala. Kelly and I went to a fund-raiser last year and really had a great time and it is such a great cause I contacted them a few months back about volunteer opportunities and here I am!
Thursday night- I have my Sewing party with JWOW! I told yall I wanted to learn to sew and my sweet hubby got me a sewing machine and my precious mom helped me learn to work in yesterday. So Thursday night JWOW and I are going to her friend Jama's house to learn how to make a few things.

Friday- We may go to the driving range and let me practice before I take on Tiger and Michelle.

Saturday- We are going to Searcy, running a 5k, and celebrating Mother's Day with my fabulous in-laws

Sunday- Coming home, and Life groups, pass out and sleep like a Disney princess?

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