Monday, May 17, 2010

you don't deserve a trophy

This weekend felt like it flew by! Friday night was pretty low-key Kelly had home-work, I had to pack for searcy. I think we were in bed by 1030.

We did however make one of my FAVORITE treats on Friday night! Emmy & I use to make it all the time in college and I loved it. Once I got married though I never really had it cause Kelly isn’t a fan of the two main ingredients. Well a few months ago Emmy sent me a message and told me she changed the recipe up a little bit. Here is how it goes:

Pop one bag of Popcorn- we use the smart pop and feel skinnier eating it!
Then microwave half the bag of marshmallows for about 15-20 seconds in a big microwave safe bowl.

In a separate bowl melt a few blocks of chocolate almond bark. This use to be M&M’s, but since Em called and told me about almond bark we have never looked back. I think that is the reason that Kelly likes it so much more now.. it has a stronger sweet taste.

For the final touch I add some peanut butter, because, well we all know that I am obsessed with peanut butter. I add it to the hot almond bark so it melts in with the chocolate
Don't judge on the picture.. this fat kid was excited to eat this and wanted to be done taking pictures ASAP!

Then.. enjoy the goodness..

Saturday morning we decided to do the Bison Stampede 5k for the Associated Women of Harding foundation. I believe all the money goes to scholarship’s for the university.

We got up Saturday and we were both a little tired and grumpy. I got a loud and angry lecture about slamming the door; once we got out of the car Kelly even “lovingly” demonstrated for me how to shut a door properly. Eeesh. Needless to say we both wanted to punch each other before the race started.

The race was at Lake Atalanta, if you have never been there let me just tell you—there are a lot of hills in that little course. I would say at least 5 good size hills in the 3.2 mile course and if you are looking to set some type of a speed record don’t do this one!

So when I started off I was at the front next to these 2, 14(ish) year old girls. They were just talking away.. boys, school, notes being passed.. are ya kidding? I was huffing and puffing up these hills and there these 8% body fat girls are talking about study hall and breathing just fine. I stayed with them pretty much all of the race and I really wanted to be able to pass them as I got closer, but one of them picked up the pace a little more and left her friend in the dust. As I was approaching the finish I wasn’t as strong as I would have liked to have been and could have thrown my sprint in a little sooner, but as I saw this girl about to go down the finish line tunnel I thought.. Am I really going to feel good about myself sprinting past this girl, crushing her sprit in order to win this? Not to mention this is a Christian race, how Christ like am I if I sprint past this girl at the very end. So I finished like 10 seconds behind her. Kelly was annoyed and thought I should have thrown in a sprint and flew past her at the last second.

Then they had the awards ceremony and at the time I am thinking.. Alright I got 3rd place. I am going to get me a little trophy and be ok with it. Then they hand the trophies out. PS! You don’t get one for 3rd in this race!! SERIOUSLY? I was so sad, but they called my name for a door prize so I got excited when I saw the blender on the table. I wanted it for our smoothies, yes we have a blender and it works just fine, but it is pretty big and fancy and I thought this smaller one would be perfect for our spinach smoothies. Well as I am walking up to the table this 8 year old kid gets there first and grabs my blender.. SERIOUSLY? You are 8 and probably aren’t even allowed to make toast let alone use a machine that could cut off a digit! So I walk up to the table dejected and take a mini water bottle. A blender, really what could he possibly need the blender for?

So on the way back to the car Kelly starts asking about if I had it let in me to be able to beat the girl. When I told him probably, but what kind of a person am I to do that to the girl. He stopped mid step turned to me and said, “you don’t even deserve a trophy then!”

So after the race we shower, pack up and headed to searcy to see my SIL Kaylee off. She is going to Zambia for school and will be gone for 8 weeks.

Then we found our bricks..

A few years ago HU did a pave the way fundraiser.. You could buy a brick with your name on it and the $$ would go to scholarships. So we bought one!

We had a great weekend and I am so glad we went. I am also very thankful that my mom dogsat for her sweet grand-dog so we didn't have to send him to boarding!
I feel very blessed to have such great family.

Thank you to my fabulous in-laws
& my momma

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Anonymous said...

hahaha... you dont deserve a trophy Cortney!!! and I also get that lecture about slamming the doors almost everytime we ride together. Some times I do it just to screw with him ;0)... I guess that wasnt in the love and respect class