Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is SPARTA

Once upon a time there was a girl & a boy who were lazy, then the boy read men’s health and it said, “Don’t be fat and die of heart disease and diabetes.”

So the boy made the girl start running, then there was a girl & boy who liked to run. Then the boy became obsessed with running. Then the girl got hurt and the boy was mad and kicked the girl off of Team Carlson. The girl got better and everyone in the Land of Carlson was happy again. Then the boy began to become obsessed again. Then the Land of Carlson began to think about growing the kingdom, but they wanted to travel to a far away land called Italy. The boy wanted the girl to be able to run a marathon pregnant. The girl thought he was auditioning to become the court jester and laughed. The boy came back with his grand plan to achieve all the boy’s dreams!

                                   ROME MARATHON

                                       March 20, 2011
Italy is a country that has fallen in love with the marathon. Orlando Pizzolato led the field to the finish twice in New York while followed by about 1,500 fellow countrymen. Gelindo Bordin claimed the gold in the 1988 Olympics. Thus, it is only fitting that Rome should have a world class event.
We have secured rooms at the beautifully-decorated Hotel Metropole within walking distance of the start and finish and many Rome landmarks. The March 21 event precedes the busy tourist season and hotel rates and airfares are a bit more reasonable.
Course: The loop course will start near the Colisseum and pass many spectacular sites such as Piazza Venezia, the Roman Forum, Piazza Navona and the Vatican. There is also a 5K fun run starting immediately after the marathon. Entry can be made at the Runner's Expo. from March 18-20.
Weather: Average temperatures range between 50F-70F.
Entry Fee: 32 euros (about $51 USD) before November 20; 40 euros (about $63 USD) before December 18; 50 euros (about $79 USD) before January 28; 60 euros (about $95 USD) before March 5; payment by credit card is preferred. All runners must also complete a form that attests that they are healthy and fit enough to complete a marathon. This is required by Italian law. We will mail this form to you. Marathon Tours can offer discounted entry to any runner booking our package and FREE entry to those runners booking the package AND their airfare.
Eligibility: All runners must enter through authorized tour operators to gain a confirmed entry which is offered in conjunction with travel arrangements. All runners must be 18 years or older on race day.

Awards: Every runner receives a medal and commemorative T-shirt.
Time Limit: All runners who finish under 8 hours receive a medal and diploma. Streets are open to traffic and pedestrians in the late stages of the race.

There is no better way to sight-see in this historic city than by foot and you will enjoy all of the significant points of interest along the way. The route is designed to include many classic monuments, buildings and piazzas.
The "Stracittadina" 5K is scheduled to start immediately after the marathon start. Participants will be able to run in the old town centre past Piazza Venezia, Bocca della Verita, Teatro di Marcello, Circus Maximus, the Coliseum and the Roman Forum.
Marathon Tours is pleased to be appointed the Rome Marathon's official travel agency in
North America. Special hotel packages including sightseeing and a pre-race dinner have been planned. Discounts are available for entry.
Complete flexibility is being offered to those who would like to extend their stay in Rome or throughout Italy and Europe.

So there you go.. The court jesters ideal plan: Go to Italy, get prego my eggo, & then run the Rome Marathon. They all lived happily ever after.
Tell, what do yall think of this plan?


Anonymous said...

why do you want to be pregnant and run the marathon? Why not try to concieve in Rome? I may have missed something amongst the allegory.

Kelsey's Corner said...

I am thinking someone has some SERIOUS BABY FEVER now!!!! The last few posts have been about babies....oh me! But I'm with Abby on this one!!!

Hannah said...

Ummm I'd say that's about as PERFECT for you as possible!!! (The preggo your ego part-optional) But the racing in Rome?!?! Freak-nasty yes!!! In fact, I may slap you the next time I see you if you decide against this plan...