Wednesday, May 26, 2010

your molehill IS my mountain

Friday after work I went and saw my sassy Grandma. Love that woman!

After I left there Kelly & I were supposed to do a couple of things, but after staying up late on Thursday and Kelly had a bunch of homework, we he suggested we just stay in I took him up on it.

Saturday Kelly & I decided to head to Slaughter Pen trail in bentonville to do some legit mountain biking. Now, when I say legit.. I mean, I have had a mountain bike for a year and I ride it often, but I have only ridden it on the road never an actual mountains. So Kelly packs up the bikes and we head out. We started off on the easy ones, which build up my confidence and I begin to think in my head.. this is not so hard and I am kind of a rock star. BAM! yep hit a tree.

Let me clarify though, this was not some huge 40 year old Oak tree and I am just a idiot that can't see. There were 2 trees next to each other and the left a very narrow opening for me to fit my bike through so I hit one.. pretty hard too. After riding the easy trails for about an hour Kelly feels that we are ready to take on a harder feat. We sort of fell in to a routine of Kelly riding ahead of me and then waiting on me to catch up. I must admit, I am a wuss. I get to going really fast down a mountain and I stress out.

Some how we got on to some of the hard trails.. they resembled something like this

It was really cool to be up in the mountains and despite a small tantrum that I threw (I was alone and had no one prevy to my stompping) I had a lot of fun. It didn't hurt that my husband told me how thankful he was to have me as a wife and how proud of me he was.. I think he even used the "I have the coolest wife," phrase.

I will also say this, I can see how mountain biking can be just as hard, if not harder than running. Using different muscles and going up some monster hills.
Kelly took pictures of how nasty messy we were when we were done.

WOW.. hello cortney, meet my friend THE SUN

Saturday we came home, made some Chinese food and watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (insanely cheesy girl movie where Matthew Mcconaughey looks amazing and makes you forget how cheesy the movie actually is)

I also got Kelly a boy movie to keep him entertained while I went over to my sweet friend Amanda's house for a low-key girls night. Amanda is so cute and such a good host. She already had a veggie plate with dip, some FABULOUS smoked gouda cheese, with my favorite crackers. She also made the crazy good desert, which I probablly don't want the recipe since I think I heard somthing about a pound of butter in it.

Sunday morning was the Crawfish boil at my BFF Kathryn Ann's house..

 Kathryn Ann and I

Dave, RT, & Kelly

Pool time

Dave, RT, & Eric

Love you!

Dave& Kelly in their cute matching suits!

Scotty B & I

the point of going over there was for a crawfish boil. kathryn ann's brother trae is a chef in some super fancy restaurant in NYC and he is an amazing cook. Well they have done the boil for the past 9 years. The last couple of years trae has been making this crazy good gumbo and this year I was very excited to eat some more. In all 9 years I have never ever tried a crawfish and after sitting there watching my hubs and dave (kathryn ann's hubs) demonstrate to her on just the perfect technique to suck a tail and eat a head.. or whatever it is that you do, I vowed again to refuse to even try it. If my mind wasn't made up enough..Did you know that these kids are alive up until right before they get dropped in to a pot of boiling water? Well trae and the boys decided to keep one for a pet and even freed willy in to the bottom of the pool. Awesome. Willy crawled around there for the remainder of the party, which made for an interesting time when we tried to go swimming later and forgot that willy was inhabiting the pool.

When we got home Sunday night I had a full on freak out. Kelly was in bed and I come out on the bedroom towel around my head pjs on and see the front door wide open. I run in to the bedroom, get super close to kelly's face and shake him.

"I need you to get up and check the house. The front door is wide open."

"Huh What?" As he jumps out of bed so fast he stumbles in to the wall, grabbing the 9 iron that is next to the bed (He wants a gun, I say it is not in the budget) and heads for the front door. He walks to the door, shuts it, locks it, and then turns around to go back to bed.

"WWAAIITT," I cry in a desperate voice, "You have to secure the rest of the premises!"

He then amuses me by rounding each corner James Bond style and confirming that there is in fact no one in our house.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep soundly on Sunday night.

Must be time to break down and bear arms.


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