Friday, May 28, 2010

power of prayer

My baby is sick.. again.

He started getting sick on Sunday night. Then again on monday, Tuesday night when he didn't eat all of his dinner and then threw up the little bit of food he ate I freaked out! I took him to the vet Wednesday afternoon and a LARGE fortune later they tell me there is nothing wrong with him. I am probably to obsessed with my dog (in fact the vet called him a mommas boy and I was actually proud) but I know when something is wrong and there is something wrong when my little fattie-bo-battie won't eat all of his food. So after we bring him home and Kelly has a minor flip out about the amount we spent on the dog we could have bought a gun, we feed him and he gets sick again.

Same story yesterday. By this point I call back the vet very upset we paid them a ton of $$ and they don't know what is wrong, so they basically tell me to give it longer and see. Well my dad was not having that so he called his good friend that is a vet, Vaughan. Vaughan told me to bring him in right away and he wanted to look at him.
I take him in and Vaughan decided he wants to deworm him just to be safe. I give him the worm meds and he ends up getting sick 3 more times.
Our normal vet calls this morning and asks how callaway is doing.. i tell them he got sick 3 more times yesterday. They then tell me they want me to bring him in for another test. This one is where they put dye in his food and watch what it does (just a mere 300 bucks). Vaughan was wondering if they did x-rays they should have been able to see it the first time. So Vaughan is having him come back in this afternoon to do another look.

Please pray for my dog, I am super upset.

Ok sorry for the debbie downer, but I am so sad!


erin f. said...

That is so sad! Is he better? I can't relate directly, but I ran over our cat and it hurt her back legs so bad that we had to put her down and it was definitely one of the worst days of my life! It's never fun to see your pet suffer. Hope he's better!

Anonymous said...

:0( aww calaway! what is the test testing for?

Forever, For Always, no Matter What said...

I don't typically comment on blogs but because I just had this experience with my dog and spent 1200.00 dollars I thought I would tell you what we found. Our dog ate a sock. Socks do not show up on x-rays or with the dye so they could not find anything and told me nothing was wrong. After he lost 15lbs I flipped and told a vet and he asked if he could do surgery! He did---low and behold a he's perfect and back to normal. No other vet would have found it and he would have starved to death...ask them about this possibility---(not always a sock--anything soft or material)

Alison said...

Hi, I'm just getting caught up in my reader and am so so sad to see this. I wish I could've replied sooner. The same thing happened with my mini schnauzer baby, Maximus, 2 month ago. He's all healed up, fully recovered tempermant wise, and is doing great now.

Be very careful about Callaway becoming dehydrated. My baby ended up being hospitalized for nearly a week getting IV fluids and meds because of the wait and see approach. Eventually we learned that he ate some sort of stringy textile and ended up with a blockage from his stomach to his intestines and strings in his intestine (really bad news). BUT, we had NO idea what the heck was wrong except he was throwing up and just wasn't himself. We were in and out of the emergency animal hospital over a weekend; they were telling us to wait and see while he continued to throw everything he ate and drank up. On Monday morning, his regular vet couldn't see anything on the various xrays and lab work but had a hunch and convinced us to do exploratory surgery. Our reality was that it took over $1,000 of diagnositic tests to get to the point were surgery was recommended and more than double that for the actual surgery and after care.

I just noticed that it has been a few days since your post so I hope and pray your baby is okay and everything is going better now. I'm going to give Max a big snuggle now.