Thursday, May 13, 2010

philanthropic fun

This has been such a busy week.. which is almost a good thing. There has been so much drama at work I am very thankful for having a nightly distraction so I don’t have to think about it.

Tuesday night I had our Race for the Cure correction of errors meeting.. humm #1—NO rain? I did find out that we had over 6,000 people show up for the race regardless of the rain. We also raised over 1 million dollars with this race! I am very excited to be able to jump in and start doing things for next year’s race! I just love the komen girls they are so great and we all have so much fun together. I feel very very blessed to be a part of the organization.

Last night we had Make-A-Wish. We had a wish visit and were able to meet our wish kid. I amazes me what these parents live through and live with every single day… traveling to the hospital, spending weeks at a time in the hospital living out of a suitcase, not being able to go to school or hang out with your friends. The family was such a strong family and they really were the quintessential American family it was just so eye opening to see how they lived with this life threatening disease every single day for the past year.
Wanna know his wish? A baby brother. Yes, you read that right.. so me trying not to show any emotion on my face when he told me this I simply replied with, “WOW, that is a really good wish, but what else would you want if we at Make-A-Wish couldn’t do that one?” Hey I am committed to the cause and all, but dang.. I have my limits!
If you all could please pray for Kelly & I’s wishkid..
I had Circle of Life Hospice meeting today, it is my new charity. I look at it like this..
1. I don’t have children; I run and hang out with my hubs during the week so why not?
2. I like to plan and organize. Read: I love to be in control and getting to be creative
3. I have the race that really doesn’t get super busy until January, so I have “time”

Anyway today was my first meeting planning the fundraiser for COL. Last year Kelly & I went and we liked it and the organization has such a great purpose that I told him I wanted to be involved.. He told me I needed to focus my efforts on one thing at a time. I told him ok.. then I volunteered.
So anyway I had a lot of fun at this meeting because it was in the beginning stages of planning and I was able to offer ideas and the best part was they were very well received.

I think the event is an awesome one and the plans that they have for the 2010 function could be very very cool. It is the 10 year anniversary for the Voyage party and the theme is A Voyage through the decades. They are going to have music and activities from all the decades. We are also doing a silent auction and a live auction. Which I have already been thinking about asking my fabulous friends and family to donate their talents!!

Tonight is my sewing party. Well let me re-phrase that. I wanted to have a sewing lesson, JLO knows a girl who sews and she called her and had her agree to help us.. I then tried to organize it.. Jenni from the block promptly told me—you can’t plan this so get over it. She then ever so sweetly suggested that I might have OCD and that I remind her of Parker from the Nora Roberts Bride Quartet series. Which a synopsis of her is: Very organized, detail oriented, focused on what she wants, and controlling. I took this as a compliment! She also had me take a test.. The OCD test.. 10-12 points = strong tendencies.. This girl got a 20. 

So tonight I will be sewing up a storm, here pretty soon I will just make Kelly & I’s clothes.. that would be cute huh we could save a ton of money if I was like the Vontrap family and made my clothes out of curtains! Only problem is we don’t really have curtains..

I know you haven’t heard much about it, but I have nothing to train for. Me being the anal annie that I am I need some type of a training plan to follow and obsess over. Without this life guide I have a hard time rolling out for a run in th 80 degree heat. YUCK. I have also been battling a serious shin issue. It has gotten past annoying and now I am just pissed about it and how it hurts when I run.. Hence the non running so my leg doesn’t hurt.
Other things I have forgotten to talk about..
I went to see my sassy grandma this weekend and I took pictures of her BEAUTIFUL flowers!

they smelled soo good

Also.. we took Callaway to first friday's on the bentonville square last week and he had so much fun.. the ladies were all over him!

tired pup!

Then I found my china hutch I want!!!

Great little store in Bentonville called for me and my house..
go.. but don't buy my hutch or i will come at you like a spider monkey!

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Hannah said...

You might be the funniest person I know.. "I'll come at you like a SPIDER MONKEY?!?!?" Who ARE you?? And I have never met someone more OCD and anal than yourself. Consider it a compliment. :)